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Squeezing Solutions for Proximity Businesses

We have been observing for some time now – whether through environmental awareness or new consumer habits – that local businesses are experiencing a boom period. The pandemic, confinement and mobility limitations have accelerated this trend in recent months, as many people have returned to consume in the small food and fruit shops in their […]

The best recipes to enjoy the fruits of the season

The spring weather advances, the days are longer and sunnier, and there is no doubt that this weather invites us to drink the delicious fruits of the season. While going out for a drink or spending a quiet afternoon on a terrace with friends is getting back to normal, we propose several recipes that you […]

Z14 Nature Contactless: the juicer with a built-in payment system that facilitates contactless payment

Technology in Zummo’s automatic juicers has always been a priority, applying new systems that not only improve the obtaining of the best freshly squeezed orange juice, but also adapt to new forms of consumer behaviour. In response to the needs of establishments and coffee corners that offer freshly squeezed juice to their customers, Zummo has […]

Natural orange juice every day

The autumn comes full of new purposes. For many people, the year starts now, after the end of vacation and when school begins. A summer period of enjoyment, hangouts with friends is almost over, now it’s time to organize and plan our new course. The return to routine implies returning to good habits: going to […]

Natural ice creams based on fruit juice, your healthy allied to withstand the heat

Natural ice creams based on fruit juice, your healthy allied to withstand the heat Summer is the season of the year when we become addicted to cool foods to resist high temperatures. It’s the time when more ice cream is eaten, but we should do it in a healthy way, and the best way is […]

Healthy Vending: Good for All

Healthy Vending: Good for All That there is a trend towards health that is becoming more and more widespread, is a fact. We all have in mind that a correct diet brings many benefits to our organism, as well as the practice of sports or stopping unhealthy habits such as the consumption of alcohol or […]

We care about details. Nature Jug.


By launching the new Nature range, the aesthetic of Zummo squeezers has been adapted to the last trends on the market. As a result, now, we have a more elegant, robust and timeless juicer than ever and inspired by nature. Therefore, the new Nature Jug keeps the same premise. It is about a Zummo exclusive […]

Five easy and healthy breakfast for your cafeteria

In the morning, everyone needs energy to cope with the day that starts, but sometimes they do not have too much time for long breakfast. From the coffee shops, we can offer healthy ones, full of energy and vitamins but faster, so not even the busiest people skip the most important meal of the day. […]

Use fresh orange juice for the best cocktails this summer

We provide you with the best recipes  with orange juice you can use to make cocktails As you know, orange juice is an antioxidant C vitamin font which helps you to strengthen your immune system, is low in calories and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. In conclusion, orange is good for you, so if […]

How to elaborate a healthy daily menu for your restaurant

Menú del día saludable para tu restaurante

The significance of offering a healthy daily menu in a restaurant One of the global gastronomic trends nowadays is, without a doubt, healthy food and a “Healthy Lifestyle”. Customers increasingly look for healthier restaurant choices, therefore increasing the need for restaurants to cater for their needs. This is the reason behind this article with different ideas […]