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At Zummo, we help you to choose the best juicer for your business and you can discover it yourself through this recommender. You can also see our entire catalogue of products here and choose for yourself which one is best for your business. If you want to receive personalised assistance, you can contact us and someone from our team will advise you to make the best decision. 

Check the machine’s fuse and make sure it is still working. If it is not working, you should change the fuse. You can change it yourself following the instructions in this video. If the machine still does not work, contact the Zummo service. 

The “Error” message can mean different things: errors in the machine’s components, tool errors or temperature errors. Remember that in the machine’s user manual, you have information on all the machine’s alarms; you can download the user manual of your machine here. 

Zummo allows you to extend the warranty of its products for two more years, i.e. a total warranty of 5 years (3+2). You can request the extended warranty here. 

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