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Trends for Café Décor in 2023

A café is much more than a space to go for a coffee or juice. It is a complete experience. The atmosphere, music, aromas and décor play a vital role in how we perceive the space and how we enjoy the time we spend in it. 

Do you have a café or are you thinking of opening one? Being up to date with the latest décor trends will help you attract the attention of your customers. Below we will go through the main trends in café décor in 2023.

The importance of café décor

Decorating a café is not just a matter of aesthetics. Décor is a statement of your business identity and a crucial component of the customer experience.

Colours, furniture, lighting and art interact to create an atmosphere that makes customers feel welcome and comfortable. In a sector as competitive as the hospitality industry, the style of a business is essential.

And in the age of social media, an attractive and unique décor is the perfect setting for your customers to take Instagram photos, providing you with free advertising.

So, keeping up to date with trends in décor ensures that your space is aesthetically pleasing, improves the functionality of your café, increases customer satisfaction and provides revenue.

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Top trends in café décor for 2023

In 2023, trends in café décor follow these styles and guidelines: 

Versatility and functionality
Create multifunctional areas that suit various needs and events. For example, a reading area during the day can be transformed into a space for live music events at night. This flexibility not only optimises the use of space but also attracts a wider variety of customers.

Sustainable design
Environmental awareness has been a growing trend for years. Incorporating elements of sustainable design, such as furniture made from recycled materials, plants that purify the air and natural lighting, will convey your café’s commitment to caring for the planet.

Modern industrial style
For the décor of a modern café, the industrial style with its raw finishes, high ceilings, metal and exposed brick, is a strong trend. But 2023 is moving towards a more modern, softer style, incorporating lighter colours, soft woods and plants, to give a warm and cosy touch to the space.

Outdoor spaces
Whether we are talking about a patio, a terrace, or a few tables on the pavement, well-designed outdoor spaces attract more guests and offer a different environment to enjoy coffee.

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Back to the classics: Vintage décor in cafés

The timeless charm of the vintage style continues to captivate coffee lovers in 2023. It combines elements of the past with contemporary touches to create a welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere. Here are some ways you can incorporate this style into your café:

  1. Retro furniture. Choose well-out wooden chairs and tables, leather sofas or antique shelves to create an atmosphere that evokes days gone by.
  2. Lighting with personality. Antique-style lamps, whether they are brass table lamps or hanging with Edison bulbs, will give your café a warm and cosy air. 
  3. Details with history. Antique objects, such as retro advertising posters, antique wall clocks or vintage radios, add an authentic touch to your space.
  4. Classic colours and patterns. To complete the look, incorporate classic colours and patterns into your design, such as pastel shades or checkered patterns.

Décor of modern cafés: minimalism and technology

Minimalism has proven to be a strong influence on the décor of the most modern cafés. This trend is characterised by clean and simple spaces, where each element has its purpose and nothing superfluous is added. 

Look for straight lines and a neutral colour palette, strategically using a colour or texture to create a focal point. In a minimalist café, the focus is on the essentials: coffee, juices and the customer experience.

Technology is important in the décor of your café, but it can also be subtle and functional. This includes digital menus on touch screens, ordering apps, charging points for mobile devices and high-speed Wi-Fi. The key is to integrate technology to improve the customer experience without distracting from the main goal.

The Viva automatic Zummo machine, with its minimalist and modern design, is ideal for modern cafés. It decorates, facilitates work at the bar and, with its basket full of oranges, encourages customers to take care of themselves. 

Lastly, the green touch of the plants improves the air quality, creates a cosy atmosphere and brings warmth to your modern café. 


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Décor ideas for a small café

Just because your café is small does not mean you have to compromise its style and functionality. Here are some trends and tips to get the most from your café’s space:

  1. Use multifunctional furniture, stackable tables and chairs, benches with storage… 
  2. Provide strategic lighting for your space to make it look bigger. Use layered lighting, with general and accent lights, to create depth and texture in your space. 
  3. Opt for light colours and mirrors to visually expand and light up the space. 
  4. Take advantages of vertical space to maximise storage and showcase your products

As you have seen, 2023's café décor is trending towards versatility, creativity and adaptability. Remember that your café is not just a place to serve coffee, but a space where people come to connect, relax and enjoy the "experience" in its entirety. Make sure it's unforgettable