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A fresh touch

We make the consumption of innovate and fresh products accessible, increasing the value of businesses by offering them healthy and profitable technology.

Healthy technology Healthy technology
Value for your customers Value for your customers
Profitability for your business Profitability for your business

We believe in technology that is sensitive to people’s needs

We seek to improve people’s lives through innovation, quality and sustainability
We improve business profitability with technology that adds value to your company
We are constantly exploring new ways to add value to the future of well-being
Our Commitment


Our Commitment

We design and manufacture innovative solutions for juicing and preparation of fruits and vegetables, aiming to provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality that add value to their businesses. Our offerings are natural and straightforward, ensuring simplicity for the end consumer.

The guiding desire


The guiding desire

To be the global reference in the search and development of solutions for fruit and vegetable consumption, enhancing people's quality of life by providing easier access to fresh and healthy products.


Our Pillars


Through closeness, we treat everyone with the familiarity, trust, commitment, loyalty, humility, and recognition that define us.



We are always in constant pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence.


Flexible to your needs

We understand that each customer has unique needs, and that's why we fully adapt to them with the aim of bringing value and maximum profitability to their businesses.


Tech for people

Through cutting-edge technology, we seek to enhance people's lives through innovation, quality, and sustainability.


Our journey up to today
The first Zummo machine was manufactured in 1992

Foundation of Zummo

With the aim of creating the most optimal and efficient professional juicer. Its differential value is the vertical squeezing system, in which the juice never comes into contact with the peel. The first model was Zummo.

In 1995 Zummo exported its first industrial juice juicers


Zummo starts to export around the world.

In 1998 Zummo marketed its first vending machines.

Zummo expands its product range

With the vending line, automatic vending machines that squeeze fresh orange juice.

In 2005 Zummo opened its first subsidiary in the United States.

Zummo Inc

A subsidiary of Zummo, is established in Miami, USA.

In 2014 it revolutionizes the juice juicer market with a super fast machine

Zummo Z40

The fastest juicer on the market is launched, capable of squeezing up to 40 oranges per minute, our Z40. Designed to meet the needs of supermarket chains and large retail stores.

In 2015 Zummo managed to invoice 90% of international trade


Export already account for 90% of Zummo’s revenue.

In 2016, it launched its first professional blender

Zummo Z22

Zummo adds the Z22 juice extractor to its product portfolio.

2017 Zummo has more than 20 offices around the world


Zummo has 11 partners in Spain and over 20 Zummo offices worldwide.

In 2018 the Zummo Nature range is marketed

Nature range

Launch of the new Zummo Nature Range.

In 2020 Meridia capital enters as majority shareholder

Meridia Capital

Entry of Meridia Capital as the majority shareholder in Zummo.

In 2021 Zummo rebrands its corporate identity

New corporate identity

New corporate identity, introduction of the new Smart (Viva) range of juicers.

In 2022 Zummo will become part of SEB

Groupe Seb

Acquisition of Zummo by Groube Seb. Launch of Isla, a new pineapple cutting machine.

The People

Behind Zummo

We are sensitive to people’s needs, and treat them with our trademark familiarity, trust, commitment, loyalty, humility and acknowledgement.

Do you want to be part of the Zummo team?

Zummo is part of the Seb business group manzana
Zummo’s commitment
Corporate Social
Zummo collaborations and certifications

Our commitment goes far beyond

Collaborators of "Casa Caridad"
Associated with

Casa Caridad

We collaborate to help homeless individuals reintegrate into society and achieve a 'normalized' life.

Collaborators of "Valencia Basket club"

Valencia Basket Club

Our commitment to the well-being of people goes far beyond. We collaborate to spread the 'Culture of Effort' to many more individuals daily.

ISO 14001 and 9001 certified

ISO 14001 and 9001

ISO 9001 provides the requirements for the organization to manage the processes that affect the quality of its goods or services produced. ISO 14001 provides the requirements for the organization to manage the processes that have an impact on the environment.

Recognition as an Innovative SME

Innovative SME

AIMPLAS Associates
Associated with


Corporate partner of "Club Cámara Valencia"
Corporate Partner

Club Cámara Valencia

Innovation Award


Economy 3 Innovation Award

Internationalization Award


Promotion of Internationalization 2023

The quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety policies will be provided upon request.