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Benefits of grapefruit juice

Although it seems that oranges usually take the lead, grapefruit also has great benefits. It’s highly recommended to include this type of juice to obtain varied and full of nutrients diet.

Grapefruit is a superfood that has fiber, potassium, magnesium, provitamin A, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins C, A, B12 and B1. So there is no doubt that it is a citrus fruit that brings many benefits to our health.

Benefits of grapefruit juice

  • 90% of its content is water, which makes it very satiating and diuretic.
  • It has 28 calories per 100 gr, which makes it a food that provides many nutrients and very few calories.
  • It helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • It rejuvenates the skin thanks to the vitamin C, stimulating the production of collagen and reducing blemishes.
  • It is a great diuretic, prevents fluid retention, constipation and accelerates the metabolism, so the grapefruit is a great ally in weight loss diets.
  • It is a great source of carbohydrates.
  • It provides antioxidants such as naringin and quercetin that help prevent aging.

So knowing all these advantages, including them in your daily menu is a great idea and you will surely start noticing the benefits.

And what better way to include it in your routine than as a juice.

Get the best grapefruit juice with the Z40 Nature Juicer

To get the best grapefruit juice, Zummo recommends the model Z40 Nature Adapt Grapefruit It is the perfect squeezer to get a high quality grapefruit juice, also thanks to our EVS system is achieved:

  • Make better use of the juice that can be extracted from this fruit, obtaining greater profitability.
  • Avoiding the juice coming into contact with the oils of the rind, so these do not alter the natural flavour of the grapefruit.
  • The EVS system also prevents possible clogging generated by the pulp, so cleaning and maintenance of the automatic juicer is much easier and more effective.

Among its features we find: 

  • Automatic tap.
  • Cabinet store easy fill.
  • Adapt tray (with double self-service or continuous function).


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Kits to get more out of your professional juicer

Each squeezer model has specific kits of different sizes to adapt perfectly to each type of fruit that we are going to squeeze.

Zummo squeezer kits are now available in different colours: grey, orange, maroon and pink. And each color represents a kit size, so they are easier to identify.

The Z40 Nature Adapt Grapefruit, has been specially designed to squeeze grapefruit, including as standard XL kit that adapts to the size of this fruit. With this accessory, maximizing the squeezer’s profitability is easier than ever, since the EVS system adapts perfectly to the size of the grapefruit.

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As a final tip, remember to identify the right squeezing kit to maximize the performance of your Zummo.

If you have any doubts about the compatibility of kits or which is the most suitable for each model of juicer, do not hesitate to contact us and our team of professionals will advise you on the best options to suit your needs.