Ideas for taking care of a company’s staff

Encouraging healthy habits at work is not just a way of taking care of workers, but a very simple way of adapting to the new needs of society and the way they consume healthy and natural food.

Fortunately, technology and innovation make it possible for companies of all sizes or coworking spaces to have different types of options for consuming fresh and natural products.

In the case of Zummo, we focus on the development and design of automatic squeezing solutions that allow the consumption of natural orange juice at any time of the day.

How to encourage healthy habits at work

As shown by the data in the 2020 product catalogue, 84% of CEOs rate the need to improve the employee experience as “important” or “very important”.

Consumption has evolved towards health and this trend must also be transferred to the workplace. In addition, what we now still consider a trend like Mass Green is already a very consolidated form of consumption and lifestyle and above all, necessary to improve our environment.

The new generations joining the working world or the millennials are the most critical with the services offered by companies to access healthy products during the working day. This is also one of the aspects they take into consideration when assessing the degree of involvement a company has in adapting to its workers.

This demonstrates the importance of companies being proactive in integrating healthy initiatives, also demonstrating their ecological and sustainability awareness, and allowing them to share more concerns with employees.

Zummo solutions to improve the employee experience

Vending ZV25

It is one of the most comfortable and effective solutions to offer natural orange juice in offices or small businesses, with autonomy for more than 50 services.

Its compact design has a Z14 juicer and a direct juice system directly to the glass. It also incorporates an electronic temperature control and a programmable automatic cleaning system.

Z14 with Contactless

If there is another major trend in society’s behaviour, it is the use of new forms of payment through digital applications and tools.

With this automatic juicer, ideal for rest areas or small snack bar spaces, we have one of the most adaptable solutions of the Retail line that integrates a contactless system for payments with credit cards or smartphones.

Z1 Nature 

It is the most compact automatic Zummo juicer, designed for offices or coworking spaces with small kitchens or rest areas.

The Z1 Nature juicer is very efficient for consumption of less than 30 glasses a day and its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and adapt.

Adapting companies to people is easy, and even more so if you invest in solutions that help create a quality Coffee Office Service, with natural, unprocessed and sustainable food.