Drink Vitamin C and take care of yourself

The benefits of natural orange juice make it one of the must-have foods in our daily routine to boost our immune system and make us feel energetic. In times like these we must be even more aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and a diet that helps us boost our defenses and […]

Mass Green: A new way of consumption

In recent years there have been many changes in our habits and lifestyle choices. Society is seeking more ways to improve both physical and emotional well-being through food choices and sustainable consumption. The concept of healthy eating has evolved significantly over the last decade. Initially limited to low calorie and low fat food options, today […]

What is the Manifesto for Innovation and why has Zummo joined it?

Panorama of innovation in Spain The most innovative countries in the world today invest more than 3.5% of GDP in innovation projects that improve national industry. In order to achieve these levels in Spain, it is necessary to establish various guidelines. These include raising awareness among young people of the importance of innovation, without forgetting […]

Zummo and its unique EVS vertical squeezing system

One of our strengths and differential value is innovation in squeezing and that is why we have patented the EVS Vertical Squeezing System, which makes our Zummo automatic juicers more efficient. With the Efficient Vertical System, unlike other squeezers, the distance between the fruit and the glass is only a few centimetres. For example, in […]

Fira de Barcelona postpones Hostelco exhibition to September

Because of the sector’s concerns about the current international situation, resulting from the evolution of COVID-19, Fira de Barcelona has decided to move the Hostelco & Alimentaria event to 14-17 September. The show was initially scheduled to take place from 20th to 23rd April. The organisers of Hostelco & Alimentaria have considered it appropriate to […]

How to preserve freshly squeezed juice

Conservar zumo de naranja

When we make natural juice, whether with orange or any other fruit, it tends to oxidize after a short time. In addition, with oxidation, the taste of the juice deteriorates and it loses its properties.  However, in today’s post we are going to give you some tips to keep your delicious homemade juices as if […]

Juices and smoothies. 5 natural recipes with fruits and vegetables.

As we talked about earlier in our post about smoothies, smoothies provide our body with vitamins and minerals in a refreshing and appetizing way. To prepare them, we only need a blender, ingredients and a few minutes of preparation. In today’s post we bring you 5 delicious recipes of juices and smoothies so you can […]