Z10 Nature, the «Golden girl» of the Host exhibition in Milán

Last month we were at the world’s leading exhibition dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality: Host Milano. We took advantage of our participation in that show to present to all professionals our new model of juice vending machine: Z10 Nature.

This machine is part of the Vending Nature line which is currently the perfect solution for dispensing 100% natural and refrigerated juice. In addition, it is the only machine that can squeeze pomegranates, and gets the juice with the purest possible flavour from this rich fruit.

Great autonomy and capacity

This model is one of the best options to meet high demands and it is ideal for those places where there is a large influx of people, such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, stations or sports centers. The characteristics of our model Z10 Nature the following:

  • EVS®

EVS is Zummo’s unique and exclusive vertical squeezing system. It is based on manual squeezing and allows you to achieve maximum profitability, thus obtaining the purest juice possible with the greatest functionality in its operation.

  • Easy Clean

Another of the great features of the Z10 model, is its automatic cleaning system, programmable in terms of elapsed time. Also, its automatic filter that starts moving when the squeezed process is activated, sweeping the seeds and pulp that can remain in the filter.

  • Payment system

Offers different solutions for payment devices: coins, banknotes or cashless

  • Real-time information

It is possible to install a telemetry system that gives information on the collection and status of the machines, as well as change the prices of the service remotely. In addition, the modem installed provides information on the status of the machine via SMS.

  • Panoramic Open-View Window

Through the wide front window, the entire squeezing process can be visualized from the moment the fruit is selected until the juice falls into the cup.

If what you are looking for is to offer your customers a differentiated vending machine, the Z10 model does not leave anyone indifferent. Contact us and ask for information about this model that, without any doubt, will generate great benefits for you.