What is the Manifesto for Innovation and why has Zummo joined it?

Panorama of innovation in Spain

The most innovative countries in the world today invest more than 3.5% of GDP in innovation projects that improve national industry.

In order to achieve these levels in Spain, it is necessary to establish various guidelines. These include raising awareness among young people of the importance of innovation, without forgetting the creation and promotion of tools and mechanisms with which they can exercise their capacity to dedicate themselves to research and innovation.

In Spain, higher education centres are notable for their important research work. However, the application of their results has little economic impact, largely due to a lack of knowledge of the needs of business environments and a lack of communication with these types of decision-makers.

In this way, many opportunities are lost and one solution already in place is for the training on offer to be created and adapted according to the demands of the companies.

As far as Spanish companies are concerned, improvements to encourage innovation must include the creation of systems for attracting and retaining talent. This makes it possible to identify professionals with a greater capacity for innovation, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and promote professional innovation habits as mechanisms for ensuring the long-term success of companies.

Innovative talent is poorly exploited, so in addition to putting it to good use by giving visibility to its merits, companies must also listen to its demands and proposals in order to create a more efficient and profitable innovation system.

Fear of risk is a difficult barrier to overcome for the business environment, but it is necessary to generate spaces for optimism and improvement. The possibility of failure, leads to innovation and helps business to develop competitive advantages that make a difference in the global market.

Achieving this system of innovation requires work and funding, which is why more and more organisations and entrepreneurs – with associations such as APD – are looking for ways to encourage Spanish companies and government institutions to commit to initiatives that add value to national industry.

Providing stability to the system of tax incentives and public aid, strengthening legal certainty, making progress in the accreditation of R&D&I projects and reducing administrative burdens are some of the proposals being made to promote innovation in SMEs and companies with a long history of seeking a better international positioning.

Proposals such as the APD Manifest for Innovation also encourage international transparency in search of synergies with other countries and international companies, which will allow Spanish companies to create a solid and effective innovative environment.

The APD Manifest for Innovation in Spain

From the needs of this current climate, arises the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain, a commitment supported by various companies, organizations and managers interested in promoting innovation in an inclusive and sustainable environment.

Zummo has recently adhered to this manifesto to strengthen its innovative work and to promote add put forward/put into practice.

Principles of the manifesto:

  1. To demand a State Pact for Innovation that raises the funding of R&D in the General Budget to 0.2% per year until it reaches 3% of GDP.
  2. To incorporate innovation into the educational system and to reward individual and collective creativity.
  3. Universities and companies must collaborate jointly in the generation of innovation.
  4. Commit to talent within the company and recognize it as one of the main corporate values in the promotion of innovation.
  5. Recognize the work of professionals who contribute to innovation.
  6. Create a climate of trust that does not discourage the implementation of new ideas.
  7. Involve financial markets, public institutions and companies themselves in the financing of innovation projects.
  8. To help small and medium sized companies to gain size in order to incorporate talent, attract funding and allocate resources to innovation.
  9. Demand an improvement in public and private governance of R&D and innovation in order to establish collaboration and cooperation networks.
  10. Encourage the international opening of the innovation system.

To innovate in the market, to offer the best products and services, together with the aim of providing differential value to Zummo are some of the ideas that have led our company to support this Manifest for Innovation in Spain.

With this, Zummo also seeks to create a workplace  where people feel motivated, inspired and supported to give the best of themselves and share a joint mission.

The desire that guides and motivates us at Zummo is to be a world leader in the design, innovation and search for solutions in the treatment and processing of fruit and vegetables.

Therefore, we consider it essential to promote innovation and growth of companies based on the principles of this manifest.