Why is it so easy to get the perfect juice with Zummo juicers?

Almost three decades have passed since that day when a new approach to industrial juicers began to take shape in a simple garage.

Today, Zummo is an international company with a presence in over 100 countries, but it remains deeply rooted in its roots, especially in that essence for innovating to create a better product.

Natural orange juice squeezers are our reason for being, and from there we have evolved towards new multifruit squeezing solutions, more innovative designs and, of course, automated functionalities that make it easier for a hotel or a fruit shop to offer freshly squeezed natural juice.

Unique components of Zummo juicers

EVS Advanced

It is the pride of the Zummo family and one of the innovations of our automatic juicers that makes the difference.

Zummo’s patented EVS https://zummocorp.com/es/blog/zummo-sistema-exprimido-vertical-evs/ system is the solution for more efficient and hygienic juicers.

This vertical squeezing system is based on the essential idea of any squeezing process: to obtain a juice full of flavour, without impurities and preventing areas of the citrus fruit, such as the peel, from souring the extracted juice.

Zummo’s vertical squeezing kit, with grooved balls and a ribbed blade, makes it possible for the fruit to enter the squeezing process easily, cleanly and with zero contact between the inside and the rind, achieving a higher squeezing yield. Without forgetting that the durability and maintenance of the squeezer is improved, thanks to a more advanced system. And this is what the Z14 Nature shows:

Squeezing kits

One of the key parts of EVS Advanced are the interchangeable squeeze kits consisting of cups and balls available in different sizes.

This variety of kits makes it possible for a single juicer to adapt to any type of fruit: grapefruit, pomegranates, limes, tangerines, oranges,…

The kits have balls with large radius, so that their cleaning and disinfection is easy and effective. In addition, they are made of solid polypropylene, a plastic recommended by the WHO for contact with food, both because of its resistance and because it is easy to reuse.

Closed Chamber

Hygiene and safety has always been a priority in any of the machines designed, whether they are industrial juicers or vending machines.

The “closed chamber” system is based on the idea that all the parts of a juicer are perfectly adjusted to guarantee its hermeticism.

This way, the squeezing area of each machine is isolated from external agents and the juice obtained is protected to the highest degree.

Auto Cleaning System

Our continuous improvement challenge is often focused on making squeezers more usable and freeing owners from cleaning and maintenance tasks.

So the solution to this need is the Auto Cleaning System: an automatic cleaning filter system.

This technology consists of a motorized belt that is put into operation with the juicer activated. The belt removes seeds and pulp from the filter and deposits the remains in the buckets where the squeezed fruit peels are stored.
The advantages of this automatic cleaning system are as follows:

  • More autonomous squeezers.
  • Juice squeezed with less distance and that reaches the glass more natural and pure.
  • Higher yield of the squeezed fruit as there is no accumulated pulp.

Its intuitive piece-by-piece disassembly also helps make cleaning and maintenance easy and all parts can be thoroughly disinfected and put in the dishwasher.


And, of course, the design and ergonomics of the juicers are also part of the manufacturing process, with the aim of developing more comfortable and intuitive machines.

The Nature range is inspired by the lines and natural materials with the idea of transferring to the juicers the robustness and timelessness of wood or metals.

The range of neutral colours or finishes makes Zummo juicers not only effective, but also elegant and comfortable.

Getting the best natural juice is our main motivation and that is why our design and innovation team works to keep creating new solutions.

Your suggestions are of great value, so don’t hesitate to tell us how we could improve the Zummo juicers or what needs you detect in your daily use – we’ll be happy to hear from you!