Thank you for trusting ZUMMO in 2020

zummo 2020

From Zummo family we want to thank all society for its commitment in the fight against this virus.

We show our most sincere gratitude to all our customers, all the supermarkets, hotels, bars, restaurants and their employees for their work, support and commitment to society.

In 2020 there have been many professionals whose work has been very decisive. Health professionals, security forces and workers in food areas and supermarkets. But it has also been a very hard year for the HORECA sector (restaurants, bars and hotels).

That is why, on this occasion, we show our most sincere gratitude to all of them, both to the supermarkets, which were decisive in the distribution of food, and to those bars, hotels and restaurants that had to suffer the imposed closure of their businesses as a measure of containment of this COVID-19 pandemic.

As specialists in juice squeezing machines and suppliers of many of these companies, from ZUMMO we have been able to maintain a close relationship with all of them during this 2020.

For this reason, we believe that it is important to highlight again their work and constant commitment to society in any of the roles they have played this year.

The supermarkets and food center have been and are an essential sector that, far from closing their doors during the confinement, have been exposed so that we all could buy.

A firm and solid response to an unforeseen situation that demonstrates their commitment and ability to adapt to any context.

But, as we have indicated from the beginning, we cannot and do not want to leave aside another sector like the HORECA, which has suffered a great crisis due to the imposed cessation of its activity.

Therefore, we would like to make particular mention of the bars, restaurants and hotels. To those who, with much effort, have managed to resist this situation and, especially, to those who unfortunately have had to lower their blinds, let’s hope not forever.

For everything and everyone, today we want to thank you.

Thank you for being there during this COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you for always responding.
Thank you for your commitment to healthy eating trends.
Thank you for taking care of us by adapting your protocols.
Thank you for trusting ZUMMO.

Thank you, supermarkets and food service sector!