Squeezing Solutions for Proximity Businesses

We have been observing for some time now – whether through environmental awareness or new consumer habits – that local businesses are experiencing a boom period.

The pandemic, confinement and mobility limitations have accelerated this trend in recent months, as many people have returned to consume in the small food and fruit shops in their neighbourhood. Above all, they are encouraged by the proximity, safety and quality of service usually offered by small shops.

At Zummo we have always been committed to local businesses because of the values they bring to the consumer, because of their personalised treatment and because they are key businesses for the local product. But also to find a different and carefully selected offer, especially the shops that specialize in a healthy and Mass Green.

For all of them there are also automatic industrial squeezers that take into account:

• The limitations and versatility of space.
• The multiple tasks that are distributed among a small team.
• The importance of the quality of the product and service offered.

How can you adapt your business to the new consumer?

If you are thinking about how to attract more customers to your business or how to surprise them with a different service that encourages them to come back, here are some suggestions that may be helpful:

Listen to the suggestions of your most loyal clients

The best way to find out what the consumer wants is to involve them and encourage them to share their suggestions and ideas to make a shop’s service better suited to their needs.

At Zummo we are very clear on this point, as thanks to our network of distributors and the advice and after-sales service we offer, we are close to the shops with our automatic juicers and we take their ideas into account to continue innovating.

Thanks to this, we are adding new functionalities to our squeezing solutions, such as adapting the kits for different types of fruit, or incorporating contactless systems directly into the Z14 Nature to make enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice more convenient and simple.

Be different from the rest

There is no doubt that to be remembered it is important to work on a personal stamp and offer a different service or product menu.

In the case of food stores and small local fruit shops it is important to renovate and see what can be done to make the customer go home more satisfied.

The versatility of squeezers like the Z06 Nature can help you offer something different, as any customer will be able to enjoy freshly squeezed juice from the citrus and fruits that make up the store’s fresh genre.

Betting on the healthy and natural

Healthy living habits are becoming more common, and many people choose to take care of their diet, starting by eating fresh, natural and healthy products.

Fruit plays a very important role among the followers of the Mass Green trend and they usually choose to consume natural juices inside and outside the home, taking into account the quality of the product, its freshness and the flavours.

Facilitates quick consumption

Now that we’re getting out more, going back to the office or looking for alternative outdoor plans to meet up with friends and family, take away has become more important.

For street businesses this is a great opportunity, because with the addition of an automatic juice squeezer anyone can buy freshly squeezed juice in seconds.

Customized Zummo solutions

Z06 Nature

Among the different squeezing solutions designed for this type of shops and food stores, the Z06 model is one of the most valued for its versatility.

It is a juicer that easily adapts to any type of citrus and fruits such as pomegranate, so it helps to offer a more extensive menu of freshly squeezed juices adapted to seasonal fruits.

Z06 Nature has been designed as the ideal option for those who are looking for flexibility in their offer, without this meaning a lot of work time. The ease of changing kits or the convenience of its automatic cleaning system allows for great profitability.

Z1 Nature 

Within Zummo’s industrial juicer catalogue, the Z01 model is the most compact, aimed at premises with limited space to which they must make the most of.

It is the type of automatic juicer indicated for businesses where juice consumption is not very high, but which is a product of great value in the offer and to satisfy the preferences of customers.

For this reason, Z01 has the best Zummo technology to obtain the best profitability in the squeezing and to be a machine that gives minimum work, because it is easy to clean, move or dismantle.

If you want to know in more detail all the squeezing solutions designed by Zummo, in our catalogue you can consult the technical characteristics.