New ZUMMO hygiene certificate

Find out how Zummo juicers are adapting to the new situation.

If hygiene monitoring and good practices have always been essential in the hotel and catering sector, they are now absolutely essential.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed for the generation of new hygiene and health measures to create safer and healthier environments.

In order to meet its commitment to customers, partners and final consumers, and to continue innovating and improving our services, ZUMMO has presented a new hygiene certificate.

New ZUMMO hygiene certificate

The Zummo hygiene certificate is a new service offered by Zummo, its partners and specialised technical services.

It joins our special cleaning and sanitation service, which guarantees both consumers and customers that their juicer has passed the established cleaning and sanitation processes.

These processes contemplate a series of protocols that have been defined by the company and that determine both the way of cleaning the juicer to achieve complete hygiene and the products to be used: washing products and disinfectants for food use.

Once this in-depth cleaning process of the juicer has been carried out, it is certified with the hygienisation certificate that guarantees that the machine meets all sanitary conditions, so that the juice obtained from it is totally reliable.

At ZUMMO we believe that it is in difficult times that companies really have to assume their role as members of society and, within our area of influence, respond with proposals that improve people’s lives.

Our aim is to achieve the perfect juice, and that both consumers and customers enjoy a product of the highest quality, with all the flavour, freshness and exceptional nutritional properties of freshly squeezed juice.

But we must also respond to the concern and uncertainty sometimes imposed by circumstances. ZUMMO’s new hygiene certificate is our way of bringing confidence and peace of mind to our customers, who are ultimately the most important thing for us.