It is time to prepare for the return with new healthy routines

De-climbing is the trend and a new period in which we recover some normality, readapt habits and create new routines to stay healthy.

Avoiding infections and maintaining good health are the priorities of any person, company or organization, so from Zummo we collect several health tips, health recommendations and suggestions to have a good diet and boost our immune system.

The return to reality begins

Little by little we are returning to our jobs, the offices and services begin to attend in person, we go to the shops and begin to interact with a bigger circle of acquaintances, friends and family.

In order for this to continue and for us to return to the routine without contagion, we must not forget that zero contact and physical distance are our two great allies in taking care of ourselves and those around us.

So, in your new routines, remember to keep your distance: it is something simple and very important in common spaces, such as transport, supermarkets or offices.

And, of course, your new best allies to avoid contagion when you have to be away from home: gloves, mask and hydroalcoholic gel.

It’s all about being resilient and, as the experts on the subject point out, practicing patience and being open to change. It is not simple, but it is clear that everything is for the common good and socio-economic revival.

Strengthen your health with new habits and routines

And since we are gradually returning to the activities we were used to, but with slight changes, these are some recommendations that can help you to have good health and help everyone to recover their new normality.


The Mediterranean diet has always been considered the best way to have a healthy, varied and vitamin-rich diet.

The fruit has a lot of presence in Mediterranean dishes, especially citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons or grapefruit and its contribution of Vitamin C, very important to strengthen defenses and metabolize minerals and antioxidants.

Whether you are at home or at work, a freshly squeezed natural fruit juice is a healthy snack that is easy to drink anywhere.

The healthy vending machines and the squeezers for retail and surfaces are very useful so that you can access your freshly squeezed juice at work or when you go shopping, having the guarantee of automated machines without human manipulation and equipped with an autocleaning system.

In addition, machines such as the Z14 with contactless system incorporated allow you to have your natural juice without contact and paying with your credit card or smartphone, directly in the juicer.

Physical activity

Physical activity has returned to our lives and it is very important that we gradually regain physical shape and agility.

If you are one of those who have to return to work, perhaps it is a good time to try walking or cycling. As well as avoiding public transport where there are more people, you will support sustainable mobility and your body will notice this positively.

Let’s consume local product

Along with the social impact, the economic aspect is another major concern, so we can all help local businesses and producers get back on their feet.

So, in addition to buying quality products that meet all the rigorous processes of hygiene and marketing, you will also be helping SMEs and small entrepreneurs to give continuity to their businesses and our neighborhoods remain full of shops that make things easier for us.

In the case of the food service business, priority is given to investment in health  and a commitment to automated solutions that promote zero contact, something that is possible thanks to the different automatic squeezing solutions that guarantee maximum quality juice in the best conditions of hygiene.

Extreme hygiene measures

Especially when you get home from shopping or work. Remember the importance of washing your hands thoroughly and avoiding touching your face if they are not clean.

It is recommended that the clothes, accessories or shoes you use to go outdoors do not come into contact with the rest of the objects in the house, so it is preferable to leave them at the entrance and set them aside.

Don’t forget to disinfect objects that we can use every day and that we use outside the home, such as our mobile phone or laptop.

By becoming aware of the importance of our actions and the impact of small gestures, it will be easier for us to continue de-climbing and to stay healthy and fit.