Mass Green: A new way of consumption

In recent years there have been many changes in our habits and lifestyle choices. Society is seeking more ways to improve both physical and emotional well-being through food choices and sustainable consumption.

The concept of healthy eating has evolved significantly over the last decade. Initially limited to low calorie and low fat food options, today this extends to include a growing demand for healthy, fresh foods which are sustainably sourced and free from artificial preservatives.

We have moved towards food proposals that focus on consumer welfare and environmental protection. This is mainly because:

  • Society is more environmentally conscious.
  • A more balanced and healthy diet is chosen.
  • We are more aware of the entire food value chain: from cultivation or processing until the product reaches our hands.
  • Sport activities have increased in search of a better physical and health condition.
  • We are concerned about what we eat and are looking for more information about what we consume.
  • We are looking for new, healthier alternatives when dining out

In general, we have less time to eat and spend in the kitchen.

Healthy Eating Trends

Tradition, local products, natural foods, green food, avoiding waste and finding the balance between a fast life and healthy habits are the trends that stand out among those who opt for a healthy life and join the Mass Green movement.

  • Traditional, local and authentic food is sought after, with a commitment to quality, artisan products.
  • Vegetables and fruits are the basis of the diet and the followers of this movement value the many health benefits.
  • Society is more aware of the need to reduce food waste and tackle food poverty, so making conscious decisions about food consumption is essential
  • The current pace of life is accelerated and causes less dedication to food, so there is a need to have within our reach healthy products that meet our needs and promote that fast food or outdoors can also be healthy and natural.

The Mass Green and Zummo movement

The Mass Green movement is part of this new form of healthy and sustainable consumption. It is a change originated from the consumer who is looking for ways to improve their well-being, both physically and emotionally.

In this type of movement, the varied consumption of fruit is a fundamental pillar. This is why a freshly squeezed fruit juice meets the expectations of this new wave of consumers.

Moreover, by opting for juices made with Zummo’s automatic juicers, more advantages are obtained, such as:

  • User experience: the customer is the key focus of the product.Through interacting with the product, the customer experiences the whole process demonstrating that no natural juice is wasted thanks to our EVS system.
  • Variety: our multifruit juicers make it possible to extend the variety of fruits that can be consumed in the form of juice. Thus, the consumer can enjoy juices from different types of fruit – such as grapefruit – or prepare them on demand, Choosing their favourites as they wish making it a personalised/customised and unique consumer experience.
  • Speed: juice made on the spot and ready to drink. Lack of time will no longer be a problem.
  • Grab & Go: juice to go. The client squeezes it and consumes it wherever and whenever they wants. The great trend that is having so much success in large stores and supermarkets.

Mass Green, Zummo and the world of work

Companies can make a big difference to the health and well-being of their employees by adapting their facilities to current food trends

Because, as we know, workers are aware of how important it is to take care of their health and want access to nutritious food that helps them maintain a healthy diet and feel good.

With an automatic juicer at the workplace, such as the Z14 Nature Contactless  or the ZV25 vending solution, workers’ access to healthy food is facilitated.

But that’s not all, with this type of product in offices and workspaces, Zummo contributes to create a better experience for employees and the company. In this way, not only do we offer better products for people’s performance, but we also invest in proposals that strengthen the reputation of each company and position them as benchmarks in the care of the working environment.

In short, society works and consumes in a different way, so the market needs to adapt to this new paradigm, especially in the workplace and in the restaurant industry.

The happiest and most productive workplaces are not only responding to this change, they are leading it. Do you want to be one of them?

Join Zummo and healthy life!