Juicers for businesses: The new normality and the importance of updating your business

With the arrival of the new normality, shops and hotels have been able to restart their activity, but the updating component has become more important.

However, the appearance of new regrowths invites the owners by business vision and social prevention to add to their business contactless devices, new measures and adequate equipment to reduce through their consumption the probability of infection.

It should be noted that, during the first month of the confinement, losses in the hotel and catering industry amounted to 3 billion euros, according to a study carried out by Makro.

With the aim of extracting new ideas to cope with the new normality, the eighth edition of Restaurando2020 was held. Several representatives of the companies in charge of catering equipment, such as Fagor, Scotsman, Iberital, Eurofred and Zummo, participated in this online conference.

In view of the current situation of instability, hoteliers must comply with the government’s instructions and optimise the safety of the premises to avoid, as far as possible, a further closure of activities.

This can be achieved by adopting the appropriate equipment and fitting out the establishments.

Daniel Doblado, director of Scotsman, highlighted the importance of promoting self-service in the premises through the use of sensors and other technologies, in order to avoid contact with the devices as much as possible.

At Zummo, contactless technology has been promoted so that people do not have to touch industrial orange squeezers and can enjoy juice without any danger. This was indicated by the company’s CEO, Rafael Olmos.

Likewise, the Closed Chamber system of the juicers ensures greater airtightness and protection, preventing any external agent from entering the preparation and juicing area.

For his part, Mario Saltor, director of Eurofred, reported on the incorporation of air purification equipment within the premises and the need for constant hygiene of each of the equipment in the enclosure.

It should not be forgotten that any contact with objects in the establishment increases the danger of transmission.

Related to this, the director of Iberital, Aurora FarrĂ©, proposed the initiative of “taking the counter out of the bar onto the terrace”, to guarantee a safer space and attention to customers.

Farré also suggested the idea of modernizing the design of the machines, to make the cleaning of all their spaces and elements easier.

The design of the Zummo industrial orange squeezers guarantees total higienization.

Furthermore, Rafael Olmos pointed out that the company has informed its clients with a guide on how to handle the industrial orange squeezer for correct cleaning.

Hygiene of Zummo juicers

To indicate the hygiene and safety, not only of the food, but also of the processes, at Zummo we have the Certificate of Hygiene.

It guarantees consumers that the juicers are sanitized after being subjected to rigorous cleaning processes using cleaning methods and products – food-grade disinfectants.

Who can access this Zummo sanitation seal? All Zummo customers can apply for the sanitation service and will be issued with the stamp and certificate of sanitation for their machine.

Digitization in the catering sector

Moreover, the digitalization of the sector is also very effective in reducing the contact between workers and customers

For example, the use of applications to order and pay in bars is very useful, as well as cards with QR codes.

Finally, Olmos also spoke about the need for the Government to adopt a Plan Renove to promote the modernization of machinery.

Similarly, ongoing cooperation among industry participants is essential to promote solutions that will help solve the problems caused by the pandemic.