Drink Vitamin C and take care of yourself

The benefits of natural orange juice make it one of the must-have foods in our daily routine to boost our immune system and make us feel energetic.

In times like these we must be even more aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and a diet that helps us boost our defenses and take care of ourselves inside and out.

The days of confinement are joined by the arrival of spring and the time change, so it is very important that we bet on foods rich in fiber, vitamins and low fat.

Include natural orange juice in your daily routine

More and more people prefer to opt for natural food alternatives, excluding processed juices.

Now we have no excuse for the lack of time or hurry, so this is a very good opportunity to get used to drinking freshly squeezed natural orange juice.

Breakfast juice

Most people choose to consume natural orange juice at breakfast as their main source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, such as potassium.

As we have discussed on other occasions, drinking freshly squeezed, natural orange juice on an empty stomach will help you:

  • Eliminate constipation and help mobilize the intestines.
  • Activate your metabolism and control your weight.
  • It helps to increase bile secretion, so the juice on an empty stomach helps with stomach heaviness, heartburn or ulcers, making it easier to cleanse the body.

Your Zummo break

Mid-morning is the perfect time to enjoy a freshly squeezed juice, especially if you are teleworking and need to take good care of your routines to keep up your energy throughout the day.

Orange benefits are transferred to the natural juice and it is the best way for young and old to have a healthy and balanced lunch. And by following these tips it will be easier to keep the natural juice for several hours, without it losing any of its flavour or properties.

Vitamins with an orange juice

Natural orange juice provides energy and vitality, and has many beneficial properties for health:

  • It is a natural product that stands out for its contribution of Vitamin C, essential for the body’s tissues, the absorption of iron or its antioxidant properties.
  • It also contains Vitamin B12, among many others, which helps the formation of red blood cells. Or Vitamin B2 -Riboflavin- for the proper functioning and development of the body’s cells.

At Zummo we continue working and offering the best service to our customers and we thank the whole team for their efforts to keep us going and meet the needs that may arise.

And, of course, thanks to all of you who stay at home and do everything possible to keep you healthy, fit and optimistic. Together we are going to make it and we are already closer to the end.

Thank you!