Citrus fruit, a growing sector

sector citricos naranjas

The citrus fruit sector is in luck after suffering a drop in production and prices in the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

With the 2019 campaign the sector experienced a significant upturn in demand, and following the COVID-19 crisis, consumers realised the importance of a healthy and natural diet to strengthen the body’s defences and maintain good health.

For a complete and balanced diet, it is essential that it includes the daily amount of Vitamin C that our body needs. This makes citrus fruits, one of the foods with the highest amount of Vitamin C, an essential part of the diet.

As a result, there was an increase in demand which made March the second best month in the history of citrus fruit in Spain.

Thus, the citrus sector proved to be an essential sector during the Covid-19 crisis:

It was subjected to a stress test from which it emerged the winner, not only with regard to economic and commercial interests, but also in the assessment of the final consumer.

With 22% of production destined for domestic consumption, 21% for industry and the remaining 56% for export, of which 90% is destined for the EU, the citrus fruit sector has proven to be strategic in times of uncertainty and instability.

Compared to imports from third countries, Spanish citrus fruits have proven to be the safest and most reliable European supplier with the most stable and high quality standards.
The citrus fruit sector is mainly responsible for the modernisation of Spanish agriculture. Committed to innovation, it has introduced mechanisation into its production processes and new integrated and ecological cultivation techniques. It is also a pioneer in adapting new technologies to the management of the countryside.

Today, Spanish citrus fruits maintain their hegemony in the market. Its prestige, guarantee of quality and the fact that it is an intra-Community producer, gives it the confidence of the consumer.

However, in order to maintain this hegemony, the sector will have to address challenges such as improving the competitiveness of its production processes, dealing with the ecological transition to achieve more sustainable crops, especially in the face of climate change, adapting to a global scenario and adjusting to European agricultural policy measures.

With this scenario as a backdrop, it is unquestionable that the demand that began to take off in the second quarter of 2019, both nationally and internationally, continues to rise and everything points to it being maintained for the rest of the 2020 season.

Thus, the Spanish citrus sector is experiencing a moment of important expansion with renewed vitality in the markets.
As a company dedicated to the manufacture of fruit squeezing machines, at Zummo we feel that the citrus sector is our own and we are sure of its solidity and strength to face a future that everything indicates, can be promising.