Catering: The rise of natural juices take away

Healthy gastronomy accompanied by natural juices or fresh fruit, make up a rich and healthy lunch that continues to generate followers.

Without a doubt, one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 crisis has been the hotel and restaurant industry.

The state of alarm and the subsequent confinement forced the closure of the premises to the public and most hoteliers decided, in the face of uncertainty and fear, not to continue with the activity.

However, there were people in the industry who did bet on reinventing themselves. And despite the empty halls and deserted streets, they continued to work and to pivot their business towards take away or delivery.

Thus, during the confinement and in view of the impossibility of going to their usual restaurant or place, customers chose not to give up their favourite dishes and enjoy them at home.

In addition to this, there is an increasing awareness that food is key to health, so restaurants have decided to complete their menus and accompany them with fresh fruit or natural fruit juices in response to the growing demand for healthy cuisine.

In this scenario and once the confinement was overcome, new perspectives were opened for restaurants, which, after the pandemic, have continued to maintain their take away or delivery service.

In this stage of new normality, take away menus based on freshly squeezed natural fruit juices, salads, wholemeal bread sandwiches with vegetables, pasta or rice, continue to experience strong customer demand.

Due to security measures, many of the people who have returned to their jobs have done so at reduced or intensive hours, so the most practical thing for them is to have a quick picnic lunch with a natural juice. Something simple, light and healthy that allows them to continue with their work.

On the other hand, people who continue to work from home, in many cases during their day, do not have time to cook, so a solution to eat healthy is to ask for food at home.

Natural fruit juices are an excellent food that preserves the vitamins and properties of the fruit and allows it to be drunk without the use of cutlery. That’s why it’s the perfect complement to a take away menu and enjoy all the benefits of fresh fruit in an easy and comfortable way.