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Freshly squeezed Orange juice. A good option for children to eat fruit

The child nutrition is one of the most worrying issues for parents. Nutritionists and pediatricians try to raise awareness about the importance of eating a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables, especially in the growth phases. Although it is true that the fruit is sweet and appetizing and that it provides us with multiple […]

New squeezer Z40 Nature Adapt by Zummo

Zummo presents its new improved version of the Z40 Nature, which replaces the previous version, and whose main change lies in its tap tray. With the Adapt tap tray, exclusive of Zummo, the company provides its machines with a double functionality: Fixed Mode and Self Service Mode. With the first one, Z40 will squeeze the […]

Zummo will be at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2018, the international fruit and vegetables fair.

What is Asia Fruit Logistica? Asia Fruit Logistica brings together companies and professionals from the fruit and vegetables sector. It takes place in Hong Kong and it is one of the most important events of this type in Asia. This fair offers the opportunity of creating connections between buyers from all around the world and […]

Zummo presents the new XS Kit to squeeze the smallest citrus fruits


At Zummo, we have several clear objectives: we want to bring people closer to the daily and accessible consumption of fruit and, also, we want to be at the forefront of the industry. For that reason, we have created the new XS Kit, an accessory for the Z40 juicer that allows squeezing small citrus fruits, […]

How to prepare pomegranate juice with an orange squeezer

Consumers, increasingly prefer to drink something healthy, light and refreshing when they go to the restaurant. Offering orange juice in cafes and restaurants is a very good option, but if you want to innovate, the squeezer Z06 allows you to offer a wide range of flavours, as it can make pomegranate juice too. Pomegranate is […]

Five easy and healthy breakfast for your cafeteria

In the morning, everyone needs energy to cope with the day that starts, but sometimes they do not have too much time for long breakfast. From the coffee shops, we can offer healthy ones, full of energy and vitamins but faster, so not even the busiest people skip the most important meal of the day. […]

How to clean a Zummo oranges squeezing machine

Aprende a limpiar tu m√°quina exprimidora de naranjas

There are a large number of Horeca squeezing juice machines and we would like to help you to choose the perfect one for your business. Therefore, after the article we wrote a few weeks ago about features and benefits of each squeezing machine, today we bring you information about how to clean them. Although all […]

Use fresh orange juice for the best cocktails this summer

We provide you with the best recipes ¬†with orange juice you can use to make cocktails As you know, orange juice is an antioxidant C vitamin font which helps you to strengthen your immune system, is low in calories and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. In conclusion, orange is good for you, so if […]