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Discover Zummo as a company

Zummo. Máquina multifrutas.

Zummo was founded in Valencia in 1992 to offer the best fruit squeezing system on the market. Its unique squeezing system, the “Efficient Vertical System”, is its distinguishing factor. This technique consists of a vertical squeezing system that guarantees that the juice runs through the smallest possible space in the squeezing process, without coming into […]

Meridia Private Equity invests in Zummo

Valencia, ​​December 24th, 2019 – Meridia Private Equity partners up with Rafael Olmos, Zummo’s Founder and CEO, via the acquisition of a significant majority stake in Zummo, a global incumbent in the design, manufacture and commercialization of automatic fresh fruit juice extraction machines, so as to jointly enhance the company’s future growth. Founded in 1992 […]

New Year’s menu with orange

At this time of year, the preparation of a delicious menu is essential for any family, so today we would like to suggest a New Year’s menu where the orange is the star. Thanks to its beneficial health properties, the orange in your New Year’s menu will bring your family an exceptional and healthy taste. […]

Natural orange juice every day

The autumn comes full of new purposes. For many people, the year starts now, after the end of vacation and when school begins. A summer period of enjoyment, hangouts with friends is almost over, now it’s time to organize and plan our new course. The return to routine implies returning to good habits: going to […]

Natural ice creams based on fruit juice, your healthy allied to withstand the heat

Natural ice creams based on fruit juice, your healthy allied to withstand the heat Summer is the season of the year when we become addicted to cool foods to resist high temperatures. It’s the time when more ice cream is eaten, but we should do it in a healthy way, and the best way is […]

Healthy Vending: Good for All

Healthy Vending: Good for All That there is a trend towards health that is becoming more and more widespread, is a fact. We all have in mind that a correct diet brings many benefits to our organism, as well as the practice of sports or stopping unhealthy habits such as the consumption of alcohol or […]