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Why is it so easy to get the perfect juice with Zummo juicers?

Almost three decades have passed since that day when a new approach to industrial juicers began to take shape in a simple garage. Today, Zummo is an international company with a presence in over 100 countries, but it remains deeply rooted in its roots, especially in that essence for innovating to create a better product. […]

Squeezing Solutions for Proximity Businesses

We have been observing for some time now – whether through environmental awareness or new consumer habits – that local businesses are experiencing a boom period. The pandemic, confinement and mobility limitations have accelerated this trend in recent months, as many people have returned to consume in the small food and fruit shops in their […]

Z14 Nature Contactless: the juicer with a built-in payment system that facilitates contactless payment

Technology in Zummo’s automatic juicers has always been a priority, applying new systems that not only improve the obtaining of the best freshly squeezed orange juice, but also adapt to new forms of consumer behaviour. In response to the needs of establishments and coffee corners that offer freshly squeezed juice to their customers, Zummo has […]

Zummo and its unique EVS vertical squeezing system

One of our strengths and differential value is innovation in squeezing and that is why we have patented the EVS Vertical Squeezing System, which makes our Zummo automatic juicers more efficient. With the Efficient Vertical System, unlike other squeezers, the distance between the fruit and the glass is only a few centimetres. For example, in […]

Healthy Vending: benefits for any environment

As we have previously mentioned on healthy vending: Benefits for all , the tendency to become healthier is increasingly in the rise. However, apart from the trend, choosing a healthy diet brings many benefits to our body. Thus, in today’s post we would like to tell you all the benefits that a healthy juice vending […]

Orange juice: a natural solution to prevent the flu

I’m sure your mother also told you: “drink the orange juice before the vitamins run out” and, although it was a “very motherly” resource for us to drink the juice, she was right. Orange is considered one of the healthiest citrus fruits due to its high concentration of Vitamin C. It is true that this […]

Z10 Nature, the «Golden girl» of the Host exhibition in Milán

Last month we were at the world’s leading exhibition dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality: Host Milano. We took advantage of our participation in that show to present to all professionals our new model of juice vending machine: Z10 Nature. This machine is part of the Vending Nature line which is currently the […]