Act local think global

Healthy habits and responsible consumption are two major factors that are helping to overcome this situation, as well as creating collaborative networks that make us more aware that everything we do has a global impact.

If this global health crisis is teaching us anything, it is the importance of collaborative work and the joining of forces and resources. They have become the best tools to face the great challenges and in which we can all contribute our grain of sand.

Think globally, act locally

This is one of the slogans that we have always applied in Zummo with the idea of developing a company that relies on local suppliers and with international projection, thanks to a wide network of distributors.

Keeping this business vision, during the confinement time we have been able to continue in activity with the necessary measures, applying teleworking and helping any business or service that must remain in operation to meet the basic needs of the population to do so without problems.

Now more than ever, society, and especially health and essential professionals, need to eat well, providing them with healthy products, such as fruit and natural orange juice. For example, through vending machines and automatic juicers that do not require manual intervention.

And that serves as a motivation for us, as well as for most of the citizens, to continue working for Zummo:

  • The economic activation of local businesses.
  • Promoting the consumption of natural products from local agricultura.
  • Encouraging healthy habits based on a lifestyle that prioritizes responsible and sustainable consumption.
  • Investment in R&D projects with local partners to improve the technology and design of the automatic juicers.

Technology and innovation to improve people’s health

At Zummo we continue working to offer the best product and take advantage of our experience in innovation and design to offer better solutions to all types of businesses and companies.

This commitment to innovation makes it possible for us to have automatic juicers and healthy vending machines that include the latest technology, such as:

The Auto Cleaning System incorporated in the automatic squeezers, where the handling of the machines is unnecessary, since they have an automatic cleaning filter system for the removal of pulp and rind remains.

Also with the EVS vertical squeeze system, handling of the fruit is minimal and the squeezing balls do not come into contact with the rind, so the juice is of higher quality.

We are currently working on new projects and are immersed in the development of the SimpleClick (™️), an innovative system that will make it even easier for our customers to operate.

We believe that continuing to improve the services we offer from Zummo is one of the best ways to thank the commitment of all the people who contribute to minimizing the great social impact that this crisis is generating on a global scale.

And from here, our tribute to all the farmers and local businesses that have followed their activity since the first day of the health crisis and have not hesitated to do their part to facilitate our day to day.