Include lemon juice in your diet

The good weather arrives and, little by little, the return to the new normality that we have been waiting for so long. We go for a walk again, spend time with people we don’t live with and start going over that list of pending plans we have thought about in the previous months.

In addition, it is the best time to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the season and keep in mind that a good diet is key to keeping us healthy, strengthening our defenses and helping our immune system.

So today we propose you to include lemon juice in your daily menu, for several reasons:

  • The beneficial properties of this fruit.
  • The versatility to accompany it in different smoothies and natural juices.
  • Its refreshing taste that makes it the best ingredient to calm your thirst.

Properties of lemon juice

The lemon has infinite properties and is one of the healthiest fruits that exists, it is also considered a powerful ally against infections and viruses, so it is a highly recommended option to include in our daily diet and have good health.

Among the health benefits of lemon juice stand out:

Strengthens the immune system

Because of its contribution of Vitamin C, flavonoids and ascorbic acid it is considered an effective natural bactericide and is highly recommended to protect against respiratory infections.

The WHO recommends its regular consumption because of its nutritional contribution and its benefits in boosting the body’s defenses.

As in the case of natural orange juice, its a great contribution of Vitamin C  and as a source of potassium, makes lemon juice very beneficial for the nervous system.

It is purifying

It is one of the properties for which natural lemon juice is most recognized and included in detox diets and recipes. This is because citric acid is considered to help stimulate the liver, which improves the elimination of toxins.

It is also used as a natural diuretic and is effective in calming heavy digestions.

In the kitchen it can be an effective substitute for vinegar, something very indicated for people who suffer from gastritis or hiatal hernias.

It’s good for the skin

Citric acid is an alkalinizer that helps the body’s pH balance, which affects skin health, the appearance of wrinkles or spots.

Therefore, its regular consumption provides us with better skin health and is a natural skin rejuvenator.

Refreshing drinks with natural lemon juice

We propose several recipes of natural juices in which the natural lemon juice is the principal character, but not for that reason its acid flavor.

With the arrival of the heat, the most recommendable is a good natural lemonade in the purest American style.

The water and juice of the lemons are the key ingredients, to which you can add sugar or some natural sweetener to soften the acidity. However, the sweeter it is, the less effective it is in quenching thirst. Remember to serve it cold for a more refreshing taste.

If you are looking for a good dose of Vitamin C, the best is a smoothie of orange and lemon juice. In addition to a very healthy drink, it is also a great idea to have as a snack between meals.

To prepare this drink, along with the natural orange and lemon juices, and better just squeezed, you just have to add a natural yogurt or milk and beat it until you get a good texture.

If you are looking for a healthy drink to replace soft drinks, this last recipe, besides being a very good source of fiber and antioxidants, this juice will prepare your skin for the summer and the sun.

To make it, next to the lemon juice you must add the juice of an orange, an apple and a carrot, with a little water and ice. You do not need anything else, and if you take it regularly, besides improving your diet, you will notice the effects of fiber and vitamins inside and outside.

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