Düsseldorf · 02 Mar, 2023

#Euroshop2023: Once again, Zummo has brought its new products

#Euroshop2023: Once again, Zummo has brought its new products

#Euroshop2023: Read the Zummo news from 26 February to 2 March

Thank you everyone.
On behalf of the whole #Zummoteam, we want to thank all the visitors who have visited us this week at #Euroshop, both from #Zummo partners around the world and from large #supermarkets accounts.

#Isla, a guaranteed success! 🍍🙌🏼

See you in the next edition 🙌🏼

Why does Zummo have a unique squeezing system?
Thanks to Zummo’s exclusive squeezing system, it cuts the fruit vertically and squeezes it with a press. This means maximum performance and 100% natural flavour.

  • The most natural and tasty juice is obtained because the oils naturally present in the rind of the fruit never come into contact with the juice, nor with the parts that make up the juice kit.
  • There is maximum efficiency because the EVS prevents peel from jamming and minimises the pulp splashes and waste that can be generated, also facilitating the cleaning process.
  • The profitability is due to our squeezing kits that cover the widest range of squeezing on the market. They are compatible with fruits from 40 to 100 mm. This, together with EVS technology, maximises the squeezing yield whatever the fruit and its size.
Discover the latest developments

Isla: pineapple slicer


Fresh cutted pineapple ready to eat Isla by Zummo provides consumers with a unique experience, by quickly and easily making a fresh pineapple ready to eat anywhere. You will be creating new sensations for your customers while guaranteeing the very best quality of your service. Isla will boost your earnings by conferring high technology to your business

Highlighted sectors at this fair

  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Ceviche bars
  • Hotels
  • Juice bars
  • Fruit and Vegetable Stores
  • Offices
  • Groups
  • Supermarkets
  • Delivery
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