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Through the latest technology, we seek to improve people’s lives

In 1992, our starting point was the development of EVS®, a unique system that has made us the company we are today. Now, at Zummo, our efforts are still aimed at innovating, identifying resources that allow us to offer society better products, increase competitiveness and implement a business model based on identifying, developing and applying new ways of doing things.

A system that changes everything

EVS® Technology: The best squeezed juice

Efficient Vertical System is a unique and exclusive vertical squeezing system from Zummo. Based on manual squeezing, the EVS® has been designed and developed by Zummo with one goal: to obtain the perfect juice.

The purest juice possible

The purest juice possible

Fewer essential oils and chemicals than the rest of the professional squeezing systems on the market (endorsed by the Ainia independent research center)

Maximum profitability

Maximum profitability

Minimizes splashes of squeezed fruit. Prevents peel from jamming. Reduces pulp on the blade and balls

Increase the profitability of your business with the latest technology
Zummo Cloud

Increase the profitability of your business with the latest technology

Connect your Zummo machine to our cloud through a Wi-Fi network and you will control the consumption, production and events of your machine. You can also manage production parameters, update and give control to your reliable Zummo technical services.

Check the status of the remote form machines
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