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Five easy and healthy breakfast for your cafeteria

In the morning, everyone needs energy to cope with the day that starts, but sometimes they do not have too much time for long breakfast.

From the coffee shops, we can offer healthy ones, full of energy and vitamins but faster, so not even the busiest people skip the most important meal of the day.

For us, a breakfast is not good if it does not include different types of essential nutrients: like vitamins, milk, proteins or cereals. The perfect combination would include a piece of fruit, but sometimes it is difficult to have fresh, cut and peeled fruit to serve in a coffee shop. That’s why we recommend you include a professional squeezing machine that allows you to offer the perfect meal to the customer, quickly and easily.

Today’s article leaves you some ideas of healthy, easy and fast breakfasts that you can use in your restaurant menu to succeed every morning.

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1. Exotic breakfast: Yogurt with fruit and cereals

It is a complete breakfast which provides calcium, protein and vitamins, as well as carbohydrates thanks to yogurt and cereals. It is a satiating and full of energy breakfast that will help your clients to see them through the rest of the morning. In addition, if you use the small pieces of fruit and you add orange juice the contribution of vitamins will be unsurpassed. Also, the customers who are looking for a healthy life, and eat away from home, will appreciate this offer.

2. Mediterranean breakfast: Toasts with tomato & ham and orange juice

It is a light breakfast, consisting of a piece of bread with grated tomato and olive oil. Serrano ham can also be added. It is served with a coffee and a good freshly squeezed orange juice to have the energy and vitamins needed for the day.

It is a healthy, fresh and very tempting breakfast, also cheap and fast. In addition, it is part of the Mediterranean diet, recognized as one of the healthiest in the world.

It is common in Spain; And outside Spain it is taken with variations in all countries of the northern Mediterranean Sea.

3. Refreshing breakfast: A fruit smoothie

A fruit smoothie is the most complete way to take advantage of all the properties that provide the nutrients of these meals.

The good thing about this breakfast is that with a multifruit squeezing machine capable of squeeze oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits or pomegranates or with a professional blender, you can offer a food and you will be able to differentiate your cafeteria from any other local in your area.

It is an easy, comfortable and fast breakfast that involves a non-high investment and can bring you a lot of benefits. In addition, more and more customers are looking for these healthy spaces, so it is the perfect way to be trendy.

4. Hotel breakfast: Continental breakfast

It is another of the most typical and easy ways to make meals. It is offered in many hotels because it is very profitable, energetic and everyone enjoys it.

We recommend having homemade pastries to differentiate your offer from and to elicit the interest of those who are looking for a healthy breakfast.

The best way to serve it is with a good coffee, or with an orange juice and jams, or just some chocolate, so the customer can enjoy his donut or his croissant.

5. Classic Breakfast: Eggs Benedict

Despite this is a more elaborated breakfasts, it is the perfect idea to attract the most select public to your local. It is also an idea for the weekend, offering it as a brunch, or to expand your offer on those days of the week in which there are more business opportunities for the hotel business.

This energetic breakfast is trendy, everyone wants to go to a brunch on the weekend. Incorporate a good coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice to the menu and your triumph will be spectacular.


You have already seen some of the best options to expand the breakfast offer of your cafeteria. Now you can test them and check the results. If these ideas inspire you to improve your offer and look for a professional squeezing machine, please contact us.