Prepare your defenses for autumn with natural juices

Autumn advances day by day, reducing the hours of sunshine and bringing down temperatures, so it is time to prepare our defences.

Furthermore, if we add to all this the fact that we leave behind the holidays and the extra energy consumed by returning to work or school, in many cases there is the typical lowering of defences which results in the appearance of the first common cold.

That is why it is particularly important this year to strengthen our defences and be ready for the autumn.

A delicious way to help our immune system and keep it strong and in optimal condition is natural fruit juice.

Prepare your defenses for autumn with natural juices

How do our defences work?

Our immune system brings together all the elements, mechanisms and structures whose mission is to defend our body from attacks by external agents and prevent them from causing us disease.

Therefore, to be healthy, it is essential that our defences are active and working perfectly.

When do we say that they bring down the defences?

There are various causes that lead to a lowering of defences. It is very normal to experience this in times of stress and anxiety. They are also caused by certain diseases and medications, and lifestyle habits such as low physical activity, alcohol, smoking or poor diet.

While it is true that our defences are constantly exposed to attack by infections, it is also true that they can be strengthened naturally: drinking lots of water, sleeping well, doing some sport and, above all, taking care of our food.

A balanced diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, will provide us with the amount of vitamin C required to keep our immune system in shape.

Why is vitamin C necessary for our defences?

Vitamin C, present in fruits, especially citrus fruits, and vegetables, is a real health bomb. It is an antioxidant, i.e. it helps the cells stay young longer. It increases resistance to infection and improves the integrity of the mucous membranes.

The result is that our body is better prepared to prevent the entry of pathogens and if they do enter, it is better prepared to neutralise them.

The easiest and most delicious way to acquire vitamin C is through natural juices. Now, enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice brimming with vitamin C is easier than ever. Look for your Zummo juicer in your shop or supermarket and in less than a minute you will have a litre of freshly squeezed juice ready to enjoy.