Benefits and properties of pomegranate juice for your health

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The pomegranate is one of the superfruits, called that way because of its many beneficial health properties. In particular, natural pomegranate juice is a true health supplement, especially because of its antioxidant power. In addition, its sweetness and unique taste make it a real delight.

The end of summer brings with it the presence of delicious seasonal fruits at the markets. Persimmon, custard apple, figs… but if there is one fruit that is representative of the beginning of autumn, it is the pomegranate.

It is in mid-September when the pomegranate starts to be collected, which has its best moment during the months of October to December. This thousand-year-old fruit has been known and valued, both for its flavour and its healing properties, since ancient times.

Nowadays the pomegranate is one of the most representative foods of the Mediterranean diet, together with olive oil, and its consumption is increasing every year, especially as a result of the latest research carried out on its juice and seeds.

These investigations have revealed that the pomegranate possesses a much higher quantity of antioxidants, than foods such as wine or tea.

Compared to the grape’s antioxidant capacity of 1238, natural pomegranate juice has more than double, 2681.

In other words, its ability to fight the free radicals that make the cells in our body become sick and older is greater than that which was considered the queen of antioxidants, the grape.

Benefits and properties of pomegranate juice for your health

Its antioxidant power manages to slow down the premature aging of the skin, because it neutralizes the effect of free radicals.

It improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It helps defences to fight some types of cancer, such as breast cancer.

Its polyphenols help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

It is a natural blood pressure balancer, as it lowers high blood pressure.

It protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and helps regenerate the dermis.

But the properties of pomegranate juice do not end here. If it is a complete food full of benefits for your health, it is also a delicacy with a unique taste. Sweet, intense, with a touch of acidity that gives it freshness, natural pomegranate juice is ideal for drinking at any time.

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