All the benefit you can get from an Orange

The orange is one of the most consumed fruits all over the world both for its delicious taste and its beneficial properties for health. It is one of the richest foods in Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that prevents the aging of cells and strengthens our natural defenses.

Usually we only consume the pulp of an orange and throw away the peel, but did you know that orange peel is almost as valuable as the inside?

The orange is composed mainly of three elements: the epicarp, which is the outer part of the fruit, bright orange. The mesocarp, the white part with an exposed texture and slightly bitter taste. And finally the endocarp, which is divided into segments and composed of juice bags that surround the seeds.

There are many types of oranges, from the small kumquats, known as Chinese oranges, to the better known varieties such as the Valencia Late, and they all have the same elements and are composed of the same layers.

In all of them, it is the internal part, the juicy pulp, that is most valued. Because both fresh and squeezed food It is delicious and you can enjoy every drop of juice. Moreover, it is how the multiple health benefits of the orange are best exploited.

The orange is one of the most appreciated delicacies by those with a sweet tooth. In confectionery and bakery it is highly appreciated for its aroma and color. It is also spectacular preserved in syrup or jam.

But the benefits of the orange do not end there. The epicarp or rind is composed of small vesicles where an essential oil with multiple properties is stored.

It is a natural flavouring, with a great deal of application in the kitchen: it can be used in sweet preparations, such as cakes and pies, but also in salty food, in stews and casseroles. It is ideal for giving flavour and perfume to infusions, liqueurs and drinks. And by putting an orange peel on the sugar can, apart from giving it a subtle aroma, it manages to absorb humidity and not to clog up.

The orange peel can be an exquisite snack. Once the bitterness of the white part has been removed, which is achieved by applying several boiling temperatures, it can be candied or bathed in chocolate, turning it into a succulent chocolate.

We can also enjoy the benefits of the orange in various uses for the home: It is an effective insect repellent. Placed near the window it will scare off mosquitoes and prevent them from entering the house.

It is a natural air freshener that will fill the room with a soft citrus aroma. And it is also a powerful anti-fat. If we macerate orange peels with white cleaning vinegar, we will get a natural anti-grease cleaner, disinfectant and polish.

On an industrial level, oranges are also fully exploited. The surplus from the production of orange juice, a mixture of pulp and peel, is used to make cattle feed. This feed has proven to be very beneficial for the animals as a natural antibiotic.

The orange is a treasure of nature to which Zummo, devotes all its resources and dedication to achieve the perfect juice, which brings together all the organoleptic and health properties. We research and advance to design squeezers that allow a better use of the fruit, while maintaining all the flavor and freshness of freshly squeezed orange juice.

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