Pastry shops & bakeries

Elevate your business by offering freshly squeezed juice of the highest quality - get the most out of it!

Pastry shops & bakeries
Enhance your value proposition

Maximize your profitability

Zummo juicers will improve employee productivity as they will no longer have to waste time preparing freshly squeezed juice, our machines will do the work for them in the most efficient way possible, reducing costs and increasing yields.


Easy handling for all.

Our machines are very intuitive, no employee will have any problem to use them.


Efficiency in the squeezing of all fruits

At Zummo we make sure that our machines get the most out of each piece of fruit.


Technology that makes our lives easier

For both the customer and the business, our technology offers nothing but convenience.

Offer healthy, high-quality juice to your customers
Healthy clients, happy clients

Offer healthy, high-quality juice to your customers

Our unique squeezing system allows us to take advantage of all the properties of the fruit, creating juice with the purest flavor and the highest quality, without allowing external agents to come into contact with it.

Unique features of our machines


Adaptability to fruits and sizes

Easy handling and cleaning

Aesthetics and timeless design

Personalised and immediate attention

Customer service

Zummo is aware that our customers come first, so before every bump in the path we will be there to offer solutions; we will go on this journey together, hand in hand. 


Private area for efficient management.


We will assist you immediately in the event of incidents.


The best qualified team for support and maintenance.

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