The Yield

Discover the new Zummo Boost Up Kit, boost profits and save costs.

Boost your profits
Squeeze more
Save energy

The yield Revolution has arrived

Now with Zummo you squeeze every last drop out of every fruit
Squeeze more, waste less
Quick and easy assembly with current models, no accessory changes needed.

Do you want to calculate the profitability? 

Contact us and we will calculate in a personalised way what your increments will be thanks to our new update. 


Boost Up Kit

Increase your income

Extract more juice per fruit and reduce costs, boosting your profitability.


Maximize your production

With our squeezing kit, you can squeeze every last drop from each piece of fruit.


Easy and quick

Quick and easy assembly with current models, no accessory changes needed.


Save energy

Designed for minimal energy consumption, helping to reduce your operating costs.

Customer Testimonials

Satisfied User Testimonials

John Smith

Since integrating the new squeezing kit, our efficiency has improved significantly. We now extract every last drop from each orange and have seen a 15% increase our benefits. It's an investment that's truly paying off!

John Smith   |   Owner

Fresh Juices Ltd.
Carlos Ramírez

The assembly of the kit was quick and easy, fitting seamlessly with our existing equipment. We didn't need to make any changes to our accessories, which was a great relief. Additionally, we've noticed a reduction in energy consumption, which has been excellent for our operational budget.

Carlos Ramírez   |   La Fraîcheur Fruitière

Production Manager
Laura Gónzalez

The new squeezing kit has been a game-changer for our kitchen. Not only do we get more fresh and natural juice, but we also save time and effort in the process. The equipment's durability is impressive, and our customers are delighted with the juice quality. Highly recommended!

Laura Gónzalez    |   Restaurant Saveur Naturelle

Chef Executive