Photo of Isla by Zummo gana el premio IF Design Award 2024 Retail Category

Isla by Zummo gana el premio IF Design Award 2024 Retail Category

Zummo, la marca líder en innovación en productos frescos, se complace en anunciar que su excepcional producto, Isla, ha sido distinguido con el prestigioso Premio IF Design Award 2024, consolidando su posición en la vanguardia del diseño y la funcionalidad.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Zummo, the leading brand in fresh product innovation, has been honored with the prestigious IF Design Award 2024 for our outstanding product, Isla. This recognition solidifies our position at the forefront of design and functionality, reaffirming our collective commitment to excellence in every aspect of our products.

Connecting Consumers and Freshness: Isla Triumphs at the IF Design Award 2024

Isla addresses the growing demand for fresh and natural products in supermarkets, focusing on enabling users to understand the preparation process of each product. From preparation to packaging, Isla involves the user, allowing them to cut the pineapple and package it directly into the container.


The new series of Zummo machines, represented by Isla and Viva, marks a shift towards products closer to the end user. This evolution reflects Zummo's new aesthetics, characterized by curved edges, updated colors, comfortable materials, and renewed textures, adapting to consumer environments where aesthetics play a crucial role.

The Zummo Cloud App accompanies Isla, connecting the machine to provide real-time information. It allows users to monitor the machine's status, offering the best services and facilitating interaction with Isla from anywhere.

Photo of Isla by Zummo gana el premio IF Design Award 2024 Retail Category 1

Zummo's Innovation in Action: Recognized Design, Cutting-Edge Technology

At Zummo, we are committed to making the consumption of healthy and fresh products accessible, enhancing business value through healthy and cost-effective technology. We believe in technology that is close to people, constantly seeking to improve lives through innovation, quality, and sustainability.

We design and manufacture innovative solutions for juicing and preparing fruits and vegetables, offering high-quality products and services that add value to businesses and provide natural and straightforward proposals to the end consumer.

Our goal is to be a global benchmark in the search and development of solutions for fruit and vegetable consumption, improving people's quality of life and facilitating access to fresh and healthy products.

Photo of Isla by Zummo gana el premio IF Design Award 2024 Retail Category 2

IF Design Award: Recognizing the Global Impact of Design

With 10,800 entries from 72 countries, the IF DESIGN AWARD 2024 stands out as one of the most prestigious and relevant design competitions globally. This award acknowledges the global impact of design, and being honored means surpassing a rigorous two-phase selection process conducted by renowned design experts.


Isla, with its revolutionary design and innovative functionality, joins the distinguished list of winners of the IF Design Award 2024, reaffirming Zummo's commitment to excellence in design and customer satisfaction.