Photo of A new way of squeezing lime and lemon juice
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A new way of squeezing lime and lemon juice

The best lime and lemon juice is made by Zummo

Offering the best squeezing for lime and lemon juice has always been among our objectives.

Today we can say that we have achieved our goal.

This latest release of the Z14 S Kit will be incredible and here is why.

Zummo and technology

When it comes to fruit squeezing machines, Zummo continuously innovates and has gained worldwide renown. They provide top-notch products for the market.
What makes Zummo juice machines one-of-a-kind is their highly efficient vertical squeezing system (EVS) patented by them.

”This system enables the machine to extract the maximum amount of juice from the fruit, thus decreasing waste and delivering a premium product.”



¨Z14 a synonym of polyvalence¨

The Z14 stands out as a versatile, quick, and effective squeezing machine – now featuring a new size S kit specifically tailored for extracting lime and lemon juice!

The Z14 boasts more advanced features than its predecessor, the Z06.

These features include:

  • Self-contained Basket to reduce labor
  • Speeds of up to 16 pieces of fruit per minute making it much quicker than manual juicing.
  • Squeezing variety: With the new Kit S, the Z14 is capable of handle all citrus fruits except grapefruit.
  • Automatic Filter for maximum juice purity


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Size S Squeezing kit for lime and lemon juice.

We’ve created the new Size S squeezing kit with our customers in mind – after all, they are part of our family!
Primarily designed for extracting lime and lemon juice, two fruits that are essential for a healthy diet and popular in the culinary and cocktail industries.

It can be quickly installed on the Z14 for greater versatility when squeezing limes and lemons.
It’s also easy to clean and maintain, ideal for high-production environments.


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A solution for every type of business

Even though all these new features, the most important benefit for businesses such as cevicherias, mexican restaurants, cocktail bars, juice bars or any type of place that needs to squeeze large quantities of lime or lemon juice is the workload.

One of our customers reported that they had to pay overtime to an employee in their restaurant for squeezing limes to provide service during business hours.

Thankfully, with our new Z14 squeezing kit, this won’t be a problem for any of our customers ever again.

Since I got a Zummo juicer, my recipes always keep the same flavor and the workload has been reduced by 95% in the fruit-squeezing process.

The Zummo machine offers great autonomy and speed, allowing businesses to save money when squeezing and reducing the amount of labor required.

Unlike in manual squeezing, the intensity of which can cause changes in the juice’s purity.

With the Z14 you can be sure your freshly squeezed juice will always have the same flavor; your products won’t be altered, guaranteeing that #afreshtouch.

To ¨finish the juice¨

The Z14 with its new Size S squeezing kit is a reliable and efficient tool designed specifically for extracting lemon and lime juice.

Zummo continues to innovate in the squeezing machine industry, offering solutions that tailor to its customers’ needs. By introducing this new kit, they’re showing their dedication to quality and performance in the sector.

If you’re looking for a squeezing machine that specializes in lemon or lime juices, the Z14 with its Size S Kit is the best choice.

Contact us to give #afreshtouch to your business.