Professional citrus fruit juicer

Welcome to the new Zummo era

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Zummo Nature

Inspired by nature, Zummo launches its new generation of professional automatic juicers.
Much more precise and smarter, without relinquishing the brand’s DNA, the vertical juice extraction (EVS).
Zummo Nature is here to stay, incorporating improvements in the entire product range and with a new image, adapting to today’s world and achieving an elegant timeless aspect.

Z1 Nature

The Z1 Nature juicer is Zummo’s most compact model.

Z06 Nature

Zummo’s most versatile juicer.

Z14 Nature

The most highly recommended option for businesses with high juice consumption.
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Z40 Nature

The perfect juicer to attend to the needs of large surface areas.

Nature inspired

The Nature range has been inspired by nature, by the motivation to reflect the strength, elegance and timelessness of the elements offered by nature in our juicers: minerals, wood, metals, earth. Based on this principle, the Nature range juicers leave all the limelight to the materials and to the colours – neutral, sober and elegant -, for them to transmit that same sensation to the premises where they are installed, providing the product with greater real and perceived quality.

What makes us different.

With the introduction of the Nature range, all Zummo juicer versions are even more efficient.

The Zummo Nature juicers have the exclusive Zummo juice extraction system, EVS-Efficient Vertical System-, but in its improved version: EVS Advanced. The juice extraction kit used until now, which extracted the peel from the squeezed fruit by means of elastic bands, has been replaced in the Nature range by the new EVS Advanced, which is characterised by grooved balls and its ribbed blade.

What improvements does EVS Advanced represent?

  • Increased durability: as there are no elastic bands, there are no breakages, something that could also affect the optimal functioning of the blade.
  • Greater functionality: avoiding maintenance tasks, such as replacing broken or worn gaskets. Cleaning the kit is also much easier.
  • Greater yield: the new kit entails a higher juice extraction yield. Thanks to its new design, up to 10% more juice can be obtained.

Auto cleaning system

One of Zummo’s major features is that its juicers are so easy to use. To this end, Zummo has developed an Auto Cleaning System, its automatic cleaning filter system, included as standard in models Z06, Z14 and Z40 of the Nature range.

How does it work? The Auto Cleaning system improves the yield of the juicer thanks to its automatic cleaning filter. This new filter has a polyurethane belt that kicks into motion thanks to an axial motor, every time the juicer is activated. The belt cleans the filter by sweeping away the seeds and pulp left over from the juice extraction, leaving them in the same containers where the peel of the squeezed fruit is collected.

How does the Auto Cleaning System improve your Zummo experience?

  • Greater autonomy. You can spend more time on other tasks, as you will not have to bother cleaning the filter of your juicer until the end of the working day.
  • Greater customer satisfaction. The path of the squeezed juice to the glass is shorter, as there are no remains of pulp to hinder its passage. Thus, the juice reaches the glass with most natural and purest flavour possible.
  • Greater yield. The automatic filter is always clean, with no accumulated pulp, so no single drop of juice is wasted when it passes through it.