The right automatic juicer for your supermarket: The importance of making the right choice

Consumers are increasingly including more natural products in their shopping cart. Natural juices are showing outstanding growth, with professional juicers playing a fundamental role.

Juicers on your supermarket shelf

Consumer trends are changing. We are faced with a generation of customers, increasingly more informed and demanding, who want healthy and premium products on the shelves. In the juices category, this trend is reflected in the supply of freshly squeezed juice in the fresh produce sections of a growing number of supermarkets.

But what do you need to consider when it comes to including freshly squeezed juice on the supermarket shelf?

Firstly, it is essential to have the right juicer. There are factors that have a direct impact on profitability, such as:

  • the squeezing speed of the machine
  • the autonomy of the juicer
  • the ease of cleaning and sanitising.

However, we must not neglect the quality of the juice since this is essentially what the consumer perceives. Obviously, the qualities of the fruit are decisive, but there are other conditioning factors, such as the squeezing system, which also make the difference. In this regard, the Efficient Vertical System (EVS®) has so much to offer. The system has been developed and patented by Zummo. Unlike other squeezing systems on the market, the EVS® cuts the fruit in two halves which are pressed vertically to extract the juice, without touching the bark and without breaking or crushing it. In this way, the juice is never impregnated with the oils present in the crust and it can thus maintain a purer and more natural taste. The EVS® is also 15% more profitable than other systems because all the pulp is squeezed, without wasting a drop.

ZUMMO automatic juicers for supermarkets

Zummo has a range of professional juicers focused on supermarkets and the retail sector in general, with which, depending on the size or needs of the supermarket, they can offer the best freshly squeezed Zummo.

With the Z14 Nature SS Cabinet Slim, in addition to squeezing oranges, it can also be the perfect pomegranate juicer, as it offers top quality juice and great flavour.

Zummo Z40. The automatic juicer for large supermarkets

For supermarkets with large spaces Zummo offers the following;

  • For continuous service and maximum squeezing performance in supermarkets, Zummo recommends the Z40 Nature Adapt specifically for oranges of any variety and size.
  • With the Z40 Nature Adapt Custom juicer, the supermarket decides which version of this range of automatic juicers is right for them. It is designed for establishments where they want to efficiently squeeze any type of citrus fruit or pomegranate of any size.
  • If you want to offer freshly squeezed juice from oranges of the same calibre and the establishment is looking to further minimise maintenance and cleaning times, the Z40 One industrial orange juicer is your solution.

Specialists in professional juice machines for supermarkets

We offer a specialised consultancy service to attend to any specific need in the retail sector. Contact us through our contact forms and ask us any questions you may have. We will help you select the best automatic juicer option for your supermarket shelf.