How to choose the right juice squeezer for your supermarket

juice squeezer supermarket

Do you like seasonal fruit? Despite the fact that import agreements allow us to have all kinds of fruit available all year round, it is useful to know what the season is for each fruit.

More and more supermarkets are offering their customers in their fruit and vegetable section the possibility of enjoying freshly squeezed natural juice thanks to the installation of squeezing machines.

The number of people consuming these natural drinks is increasing thanks to the popular orange juice, as well as other more unknown but very nutritious alternatives, such as pomegranate juice, lemon juice or tangerine juice.

In this aspect, both because of the increase in demand and because it is beginning to be a strategic product in its fruit and vegetable section, shops, supermarkets and food distribution chains are looking to the future with ambition thanks to this very successful line of business.

How to choose the right juice squeezer for your supermarket

Such is the revolution and popularisation that food areas have experienced thanks to this type of squeezing machine that many of them, encouraged by the healthy lifestyle trend of consumers and the taste for these fruit juices, are now starting to install up to two juice squeezing machines.

While one of these professional squeezers is set up for orange juice, the other squeezing machine can vary and offer various types of natural fruit juices such as the above mentioned flavours: pomegranate, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon… depending on the time of year.

However, it is important to note that not all professional squeezers on the market offer the possibility of changing the choice of fruit quickly and easily.

With the aim of making our squeezing machines easier and more versatile to use, Zummo has professional squeezing machines that can be adapted to any fruit by simply changing the squeezing kit.

Another differential value of Zummo machines is their efficient squeezing mechanism, which extracts all the juice from each piece of fruit.

Hygiene in squeezing machines

Keeping a squeezing machine clean is essential for the resulting product to taste properly.

For this reason, at Zummo we devise professional juice squeezers with a simple and quick cleaning process.

Simple gestures that help both the consumer and the owners of our squeezing machines to have a better experience of natural fruit juice.

It already offers a fast, nutritious and natural juice.