Photo of Zummo presents its renewed Z40 range, focused on retail

Zummo presents its renewed Z40 range, focused on retail

La empresa, referente internacional en la fabricación de exprimidores profesionales, redefine su icónico modelo Z40 y presenta sus 3 versiones.

The company, an international reference in the manufacture of professional juicers, redefines its iconic Z40 model and presents its 3 versions.

The renewed Z40 range consists of three new different versions developed to cover with them the needs of any type of supermarket or convenience store:

  • With the Z40 ADAPT you get the maximum performance for continuous service.

This concept covers the specific needs of supermarkets and superstores. Its great squeezing speed and its wide range of compatible calibers, make this model the right option for the optimal squeezing of oranges of any size.

Recommended for customers who squeeze oranges of different varieties and variable caliber. It offers flexibility in squeezing, with the possibility of squeezing other fruits such as pomegranates, tangerines, grapefruits, etc.

  • With the Z40 ADAPT Custom you get the perfect balance between versatility and efficiency.

The Adapt concept is evolving. Oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits, … There is no need to choose when you can have it all. Z40 Adapt Custom rethinks its technical characteristics to be able to effectively squeeze any citrus fruit or pomegranate of any size. That is why now Z40 Adapt is Custom: because you decide which version is yours.

Recommended for customers who squeeze citrus or pomegranates of different varieties and variable sizes, to those who want to take advantage of the seasonality of the fruits and offer seasonal juices. In addition, it is perfect for those who already have a squeezer dedicated exclusively to oranges and want to complement it with another machine for squeezing other fruits.

  • The Z40 One, simplicity transformed into maximum productivity

One is simplicity, is uniqueness. Z40 One means to optimize the squeezing when it is part of very well defined processes, little changing and where the time of operation matters a lot. Fixed calibers, less pieces and simpler movements for the operator are fundamental to achieve it.

Recommended for customers who want to use it for squeezing oranges of a fixed size and who want to minimize maintenance and cleaning times.


In the evolution of the Z40, food hygiene and safety have been a priority. In Zummo we develop all our products incorporating exclusive technologies with which we manage to maximize them.

Zummo, with this new range, continues to evolve along with evolving consumer trends. Freshly squeezed juice has become the natural and healthy alternative to any soft drink or industrial beverage, so betting on a Zummo machine in your supermarket or convenience store is a guaranteed success.

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