Zummo expands its product portfolio with new solutions for the retail sector

Zummo’s latest innovations focus on the food retail sector.

Pina Slicer and Apple Juicer come on the scene as the two new machines that complement Zummo’s offer for supermarkets, convenience stores, healthy shops, etc.

These two new machines will allow all types of food retailers to offer their customers freshly cut pineapple and freshly squeezed apple juice; in both cases a natural, ready-to-drink product.

These two new machines, together with the Zummo Retail range of machines such as the Z40 or Z14, are perfect for creating a fresh corner in supermarkets or food shops.

Pineapple peeled, cut and ready to eat thanks to Pina Slicer

Pina Slicer by Zummo is our latest innovation for Retail. It has been developed to simplify the process of transforming fresh pineapple into a ready-to-eat format. Pina Slicer peels and slices the natural pineapple at the point of sale, offering it in a format that is easy to transport, refrigerate or eat. It offers an innovative shopping experience for the end consumer, generating more revenue for the food business.

How does Pina Slicer make life easier? Using the new Pina Slicer is extremely simple. All you have to do is choose a pineapple and Pina Slicer cuts off the crown, removes the peel and core, and slices or chunks the pineapple and the pineapple is ready to eat in just 15 seconds!

A new professional apple juicer: Apple Juicer

Apple Juicer by Zummo brings freshly squeezed natural apple juice to the consumer. This machine has been developed especially for supermarkets, so that their customers can obtain apple juice of the highest quality and freshness in the simplest way. In addition, this machine provides a completely new shopping experience for the apple consumer, which increases customer acquisition, customer loyalty and business revenue.

Thanks to its patented Cold Press design and ease of use, this machine is the best choice for turning apples into fresh, ready-to-drink juice. It combines the highest yield with the best juice quality: vitamins, minerals and fibres are preserved to the maximum.

The customer only has to open the tap and the machine starts up. In addition, its practical bottle holder maximises customer convenience.

Fresh Corner: Zummo’s new concept for supermarkets, food shops, convenience stores and greengrocers.

Once again, the Valencian company is adapting to the needs of its target market. The end consumer of food retail is increasingly demanding in terms of product quality and naturalness. At zummo we are no strangers to this and that is why we want to make it easier for supermarkets and other food establishments to set up a “Fresh corner” at the point of sale where the new Pina slicer and Apple Juicer machines share the limelight together with the usual citrus juicer (oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, …) and pomegranate juicer: Z40 Nature.

If you have a food business, we suggest that you ask us for more information about our new Retail machines through the contact forms on our website, by calling us on (+34) 961 301 246 or writing to us at zummo@zummo.es.

We will study your needs in detail and without any commitment on your part.