Zummo and its unique EVS vertical squeezing system

One of our strengths and differential value is innovation in squeezing and that is why we have patented the EVS Vertical Squeezing System, which makes our Zummo automatic juicers more efficient.

With the Efficient Vertical System, unlike other squeezers, the distance between the fruit and the glass is only a few centimetres. For example, in roller systems, the juice passes through the entire machine, wasting raw material and running through areas that are not always clean.

However, the Efficient Vertical System is what makes the difference in the market, as it ensures that the juice travels through as little space as possible in the squeezing process, without ever coming into contact with the peel.

How does the EVS work?

This system, created and developed by Zummo, is based on how the manual squeezing process is carried out, and it ensures that the juice obtained is the most natural and retains all its flavour, while allowing the maximum efficiency and profitability of the fruit squeezed.

  • The most natural and tasty juice is obtained because the oils naturally present in the rind of the fruit never come into contact with the juice, nor with the pieces that make up the squeezing kit.
  • The maximum efficiency is because the EVS avoids the jamming of the peels and minimizes the splashing and the remains of pulp that can be generated, also facilitating the cleaning process.
  • The cost-effectiveness is due to our squeezing kits that cover the widest range of squeezing in the market. They are compatible with fruits from 40 to 100 mm. This, together with the EVS technology, maximizes the squeezing performance whatever the fruit or citrus fruit and its size.

At Zummo we direct all our efforts to offer squeezers from which the best juice is obtained in the easiest and most profitable way. For this reason, with the introduction of the Nature range, all versions of the Zummo juicers are even more efficient, as all Zummo Nature juicers have the EVS Advanced.

While the squeezing kits previous to this system extracted the rinds from the squeezed fruit by means of elastic bands, with the EVS Advanced and its design with grooved balls and its ribbed blade, better results are achieved, both in terms of juice quality, fruit profitability, and time savings in maintenance and cleaning tasks of the automatic juicers.

What are the improvements of EVS Advanced?

  • Increased durability: as there are no rubber bands, breakage of the rubber bands is avoided, which could also affect the optimum performance of the blade.
  • Greater functionality: maintenance tasks, such as replacing broken or worn out rubber bands, are avoided. And the cleaning of the kit is also much easier.
  • Greater profitability: the new kit means greater squeezing performance because, thanks to its new design, it allows up to 10% more juice to be obtained.

The process followed by the Vertical Squeezing System is as follows:

  1. The fruit drops from the basket to the cup.
  2. The cups rotate 90º around their own axis, and the fruit is cut vertically.
  3. Each cup houses one half of the fruit and continues to rotate up to 180º.
  4. The cut fruit is pressed vertically against the balls and the juice is obtained, goes directly to the receptacle.

In this video you can see how the system works and understand why it makes the squeezing and maintenance of the juicer so much easier.

If you want to know more about EVS Advances and the properties of our different squeezing models, in the catalogue you can find more information about each product and its functionalities.