Z14 Nature Contactless: the juicer with a built-in payment system that facilitates contactless payment

Technology in Zummo’s automatic juicers has always been a priority, applying new systems that not only improve the obtaining of the best freshly squeezed orange juice, but also adapt to new forms of consumer behaviour.

In response to the needs of establishments and coffee corners that offer freshly squeezed juice to their customers, Zummo has sought to streamline payment processes and simplify the way people drink juice anytime, anywhere.

The result is the incorporation of a contactless payment system in their reference juicers, with which you can enjoy your freshly squeezed juice without touching the machine at any time. You only need a payment card or mobile phone to activate the squeezer, so the model Z14 Nature allows payment in the same machine.

Preferences in payment methods in establishments

According to the financial media, card payment in establishments is a trend that is growing and, above all, is gaining ground over cash payment.

This increase in payments with cards or digital platforms is also supported by the consolidation of ecommerce and the improvement in the security and trust of virtual payment processes.

A survey conducted by Mastercard in 2019 asked consumers about the reasons why they prefer to pay by card in physical establishments. 62% said speed was their main reason, while 58% said it was for convenience.

Among other reasons, they also highlight that they perceive it as a secure and liberating means of payment, in terms of not having to carry cash or the durability and resistance of credit cards.

Along with this, payment through mobile applications has grown exponentially in less than a year, which has caused many people to only choose to carry their smartphone, since it is a device that allows them to communicate and make purchases.

Adapting after the current situation

In view of the current health crisis, one of the recommendations of the authorities and the establishments is to pay by card, so that the contact between sellers and customers is the smallest and the exchange of notes and coins is avoided, along with the germs that these can carry.

So, for the return to the new normality, it is more than clear that the forms of payment with contactless are going to be one of the best solutions to adapt to the new context of social interactions and to adapt the services to the new protocols of physical distance.

The advantage is that contactless systems such as the one incorporated in the Z14 Nature automatic juicer make payment easier and faster with different systems, such as:

  • Prepaid/loyalty cards.
  • Credit/debit cards.
  • Mobile applications/payment platforms.

Other advantages of the Z14 Nature Contactless

Z14 Nature Contactless is the most recommended choice for businesses with a high juice consumption. The capacity of its basket and its bark tanks gives it a great autonomy.

This is an automatic squeezing solution that includes:

  • Customizable bins in different colors.
  • High quality injected plastic nuts.
  • Smoked cover.
  • EVS Advanced squeezing system.
  • Automatic filter.
  • Great speed of squeezing: 16 fruits per minute.
  • Loading basket up to 16 kg capacity.
  • New digital control board (Bucket counter, acoustic warnings, Standby…).

There is no doubt that the Z14 Nature line has the technology and performance to help businesses improve their profitability, while providing the best service to consumers and their payment preferences.