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Why should you include orange juice in your breakfast?

Did you know that, although always healthy, there are more beneficial moments to consume orange juice during the day?

We have heard many myths about oranges and orange juice throughout our lives, however, what is true according to experts is that orange juice is better on an empty stomach.

Benefits of drinking orange juice on at breakfast time

Some of the reasons why specialists indicate that drinking orange juice on an empty stomach is better are the following:

  • Weight control and activation of the metabolism.
  • Vitamins for our body thanks to the total assimilation of the fasting vitamin C.
  • Reduction of constipation.
  • Natural source of energy.

How about trying adding orange juice to your routine? As you can see, drinking orange juice daily with your breakfast in your trusted bar will give you a real plus to start the day powerfully.

Many bars, restaurants, supermarkets and even bakeries already have professional automatic juicers in their establishments and offer fresly squeezed juice to their customers.

Because now more than ever and in view of the situation we are going through with the covid19, it is very important to have optimum health that will prepare us better in the face of any adversity.

Therefore, start by taking care of your diet by betting on natural products and do not forget to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Enjoy a balanced breakfast and drink your orange juice every morning, your body will thank you.

Drink freshly squeezed orange juice, take care of your health and strengthen your defences.