Why should a professional automatic juicer be installed in the supermarket?

More and more supermarkets are betting on installing a professional squeezing machine, which denotes an unstoppable trend.

The landing of the professional squeezers in these spaces indicates us that the supermarkets have an increase of turnover to exploit through the natural juices, this is because the demands of the public towards this type of products are clear.

There is a predisposition among users towards a healthier diet and awareness of the benefits of juice, such as that of natural orange, a fruit that has experienced an increase in demand in all its forms. For this reason, natural juice squeezers have gone from being the great unknown to being a common denominator in supermarkets.

Freshly squeezed juice | Why install a professional automatic juicer in the supermarket?

This is a demand coming from the users. Responding to their demands and expectations will help to improve the image of your supermarket, showing empathy and continuous updating.

Product and profitability. This is a very profitable fruit in terms of sales of freshly squeezed juice.

It is not seasonal. Although the intake of natural juice increases in the autumn-winter season due to the arrival of cold weather, the juice is a very attractive product all year round.

Heterogeneity of flavours and productivity. Zummo’s machines offer a wide range of performance, since, with a simple change of kit, in addition to freshly squeezed orange juice, you can offer other flavours such as grapefruit, lime, tangerine, lemon and pomegranate.

Many different machines on offer. Not all supermarkets need the same type of professional juicer. For this reason, at Zummo we offer a wide variety of squeezing machines to suit every need.

Differentiation. Setting a distance from competitors, as well as reaching their level of supply from those who already have it, is key to remaining relevant to consumers.

Easy to use and maintain. The professional juicers are easy to clean and maintain.

Taste. Choosing the right squeezing machine company is key. Zummo’s professional juicers have the Efficient Vertical System (EVS) squeezing system, an exclusive method that prevents the juice from coming into contact with the rind in order to achieve a purer and more natural flavour.

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