The best recipes to enjoy the fruits of the season

The spring weather advances, the days are longer and sunnier, and there is no doubt that this weather invites us to drink the delicious fruits of the season.

While going out for a drink or spending a quiet afternoon on a terrace with friends is getting back to normal, we propose several recipes that you can prepare at home, both to maintain a healthy diet, and to surprise your guests.

Fill your shopping cart with flavor and color

The colourful boxes of fruit and vegetables from this period make the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit much more appealing.

These seasonal products are the most sustainable and simple way to take care of our health, strengthen our defences and consume fresh and high quality products.

If you want to innovate in your diet and make it the essential pillar for good health, with these recipes you can surprise your guests, while choosing healthy, fresh and nutritious products.

Recipes to enjoy the fruits of the season

Juices and smoothies

Natural juices and smoothies are a healthy and tasty option to include in your daily diet.

A simple freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice will give you a good dose of Vitamin C.

A grapefruit juice for breakfast is an important source of natural carbohydrates.

The natural smoothies based on fruits and vegetable drinks are a better option than a soft drink and very suitable to recover energy after sport.

Surprise with fresh and healthy flavors

A fruit salad is simple to prepare, refreshing and suitable for all types of diners. You can choose products for a good combination of sweet and citrus flavours, such as orange, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry or melon.

The contrast of flavors can also be achieved in a main dish with a healthy grilled vegetables seasoned with a citrus sauce made with grapefruit juice, orange and lemon.

And if your thing is desserts with a touch of fruit, an orange cake or orange custard are simple recipes, different and where the fruit brings flavor and color to the dishes.

Dare to prepare some cocktails

The orange juice is the perfect ingredient for a combined, enhancing the flavor and betting on a natural product and less caloric.

In this article you can find several suggestions for summer cocktails, their ingredients and measurements. What better plan for the weekend?

How about some ice cream with natural fruit?

A natural orange ice cream can be the best and most refreshing dessert to end a meal.

It is a very good way of consuming natural orange juice and eating unprocessed sweet alternatives without added sugar.

All you need is natural orange juice that you can buy directly from your supermarket or grocery store’s automatic juicer, and to which you can add a natural sweetener to enhance the flavor, like a touch of cinnamon.

If you dare, you can also try making a homemade orange cream sundae by following this simple recipe.

Eating seasonal fruit has a great positive effect on your health and on local commerce, so make sure you don’t miss any in your shopping cart!