Freshly squeezed orange juice, a safe bet for corporate events

zumo naranja eventos

Telematic events continue to grow, but many companies continue to hold physical events in which we find an increasing supply of natural orange juice.

Although corporate events in this 2020 have been reduced by the COVID-19 crisis, as well as by the hygiene measures derived from this pandemic, these acts continue to be key for many companies.

Despite the implementation of capacity reduction measures, interpersonal separation, use of masks and hydroalcoholic gels, etc…, events or meetings organised by companies are a fantastic opportunity for networking.

A moment in which the company that organizes the event, in addition to the hygiene measures indicated, offers the attendees a drink for their convenience, as well as in appreciation of their attendance.

In this context, natural orange juice has become a fundamental drink in this offer in the current situation.

Choosing natural orange juice at events

  • Healthy: Natural orange juice is a demonstration of the commitment to healthy eating and natural products.
  • Strengthens defences: The Vitamin C in orange juice helps to reinforce our defences.
  • Increasing consumption: The increase in demand for citrus fruits worldwide is evident, so the inclusion of natural orange juice in your beverage offer satisfies the public.

Do you still not offer natural orange juice at your events? Whether you are an event company or a company that organizes its own events, ask us about the possibilities of renting or leasing our squeezing machines and bet on natural juice.

At Zummo we will give you the answer that best suits your needs.