Contactless technology in Zummo juicers: easy and hygienic payment

Find out how Zummo juicers are adapting to the new normality.

We are currently in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fear of contagion is very much present in our daily lives.

Even so, the hotel and catering industry are now key sectors for both the economy and society. And as human beings, we still need to interact eachothers, see our relatives and do our weekly shopping.

It is therefore very important to do so in a responsible manner and always taking the necessary measures to prevent possible contagion.

One of the government’s recommendations to avoid contagion in restaurants, supermarkets and cafeterias is not using cash for paying, as notes and coins pass through many hands and may contain germs.

It is therefore essential to promote card payment and do everything possible to keep contact between employees and customers to a minimum.

At Zummo we have opted for the contactless payment system. Our models z14 contactless have this technology, which allows payments to be made without touching the machine. In this way, Your customers can enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice without any risk of contagion, as well as the employees preparing it.

This, together with the Closed Chamber system, exclusive to Zummo juicers, which prevents any external agent from entering the orange preparation and squeezing area, guarantees a totally COVID-19 free service.

The contactless technology also adapts to new consumer behaviour, which seeks speed and convenience.

With this method of payment, customers only have to bring their credit or debit card or mobile application to the machine and can take their juice with ease.

It is the perfect payment method for your consumers to drink their orange juice in the morning before going to work without any delay or waiting.

In addition, the use of the card is becoming increasingly widespread and contactless payment will become the most widely used.

We are heading for a future in which cash will be residual and we will replace it with electronic payments, which are faster and safer.

In fact, according to the study conducted by Osborne Clarke, 57% of Spaniards use contactless cards to make purchases and 8 out of 10 say they do not leave home without their cards.

Zummo’s objective is to help you achieve success in your business and to do so, we take advantage of new technologies in order to offer your customer the best service and product.