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Good eating habits are essential to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating heal- thily has many benefits, both at a physi- cal and mental level, and fruit juices are a good ally for this.
Enjoy your freshly squeezed juice in a restaurant, at a supermarket or even at work, or take some time out to feel good.


“Our entire product line is designed to adapt to the space and performance needs of any business model”.


Offering freshly squeezed jui- ce at the workplace is a detail that says a lot about a company: interest in the well-being of its em- ployees and customers, in encou- raging a healthy lifestyle, and the- refore good relationships among workmates. At Zummo, we work to offer personalised solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each environment.


We launch our first line of counter – top juicers with a built-in cashless payment system: Z14 Juice Box and Z14 Contactless. With these products, Zum – mo offers a juice extraction solution for those places where installing a traditio – nal vending machine is not possible. This is a concept that especially adapts to offices, companies, co-working spaces, etc.


Following in the wake of the Food Service and Retail range juicers, we redesign our Z10 and ZV25 models to convert them into Nature.

  • EVS® squeezing system
  • Automatic filter
  • Cash and Cashless payment devices
  • Panoramic OpenView window*
  • Biodegradable cardboard cups
  • They squeeze both citrus fruit and pomegranates
  • Nature Aesthetics.

*Available in model Z10-N


We collaborate with HMY in our new pro- jects. The HMY Group are leaders in engineering, manufacturing and assembly of furniture for retail, and experts in offering inte- grated solutions for brands and retailers.

With the modular corners, different pieces can be combined to achieve a totally personalised unit. Combining juice-extraction, bottle-rack and storage modules offers endless possibili- ties that will adapt to each customer’s specific needs, to create their ideal solution.


Now, our juice extraction kits come in different colours: grey, orange, maroon and pink. Each colour represents a kit size, this making it easier to identify and operate them.

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Now, also for pomegranates.

The Z14 Nature model has evolved. In this new version, a series of technical improvements have been applied making it possible to extract juicer from pomegranates, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


With Multifruit Range, Zummo adapts its Z40 Nature Adapt creating new versions to efficiently extract juice from oranges, tangerines, limes, lemons, grapefruit and pomegranates. The juice extraction kits and speeds of each model have been adjusted, adapting them to the characteristics of the fruit, thus obtaining the maximum yield from each of them.


New design, double function

Standard two-in-one. The operator can choose the machine operation mode just by turning a small knob.

The Adapt tap tray, a Zummo exclusive and standard in all the Z40 Nature models, provi- des the machines with dual functionality. Fixed mode and Self Service mode. With the former, it will squeeze the pie- ces of fruit set by the user, activating the ma- chine from the display. With the Self Service mode, the juicer will start up when the tap is pressed.

In addition, this tray has improved two key aspects to ensure a good experience when using the Z40:

— Cleaning. The Adapt tray comprises just two pieces that are very easy to dismount and clean.

— Hygiene. The greater flow volume of the tap means that less time is required to fill bottles and possible obstructions are avoi- ded. It also prevents juice from stagnating in the base.


It adapts to the bottle neck.

We know that users’ experiences are very important for consumers. That is why we have created the new Adapt Support*, an innovative device that makes hands-free bottle-filling easier than ever.

— It adapts to each bottle’s neck size. Receptacles with a 36 to 44 mm diameter neck can be firmly secured with its mechanism.
— It supports both plastic and glass bottles.
— Made of stainless steel and injected plastic, it is easy to remove and clean.
— Compatible with any Z40 Adapt version.

*Not included as standard, it can be acquired as an accessory. It does not replace the standard bottle-support. Both references are available as accessories.