Zummo: backstory and values

“When we started this adventure, 30 years ago now, I could never have imagined that we would go so far, giving energy to so many people. These are the words of Ramón Navarrete, creator of the first prototype of the automatic juice extractor that gave rise to the creation of Zummo.

Zummo is the result of a family project that began around 1992. The company is active on all five continents and in more than 100 countries, with an export share of more than 70%.

This is how Zummo was born

Ramón Navarrete and his son-in-law Rafael Olmos started this project motivated by their passion for the countryside, orange trees and their desire to innovate.

At that time, the garage of the family home became a workshop dedicated to creating an orange juice squeezing machine that would help obtain the perfect juice.

As Ramon says when he talks about how Zummo was born, he cannot fail to mention that, like many, he grew up surrounded by orange fields and that this activity was the main one in the area and provided work for many families.

This was the origin of his innovative spirit with which he set to work in the creation of a squeezing system that was more efficient, comfortable to use and that allowed to obtain a natural orange juice of higher quality and taste.

This was achieved thanks to what we now know as the EVS system patented by Zummo that allows the juice not to come into contact with the peel during the squeezing process, so that the taste is much better since it does not have the bitter part that the orange peel can provide.

With this innovative system, born 30 years ago, it was possible to obtain an orange juice squeezing machine in which the distance between the orange and the glass is only a few centimetres, which helps the squeezed juice to be produced in better conditions.

Along with this, and the automatic cleaning system that prevents the accumulation of pulp, there is also a 10% improvement in the yield of each squeeze; which becomes more profitable for the business that has a Zummo juicer.

Rafael Olmos points out that the creation of Zummo has also sought to support the purchase of citrus at a fairer price and provide a better outlet for surplus oranges from local fields.

As Ramón points out, with passion they have managed to keep Zummo growing, to innovate with new products and, of course, to have more workers dedicated to innovation, marketing and design of new automatic squeezing systems.

This translates into a diversification in the type of squeezing machines offered and the continuous improvement of new generations of more efficient squeezers.

The Nature line -the result of incorporating the latest technology to the classic Zummo juicers- is the right one for hotel and restaurant businesses, together with supermarkets that expand their offer with the consumption of healthy and fresh products.

This line of business also includes vending solutions adapted to large surfaces, such as offices, airports, hospitals or shopping centres. The aim is for all types of companies or businesses to have a tailor-made solution and to be able to respond to those consumers who seek to consume natural and healthy products, even when they are away from home.

Zummo Declaration

These years of work and continuous improvement have made Zummo an international reference in the design and innovation of solutions for the treatment and processing of fruit and vegetables.

The day-to-day work of the professionals who make up Zummo is divided into two main missions:

  • To innovate in the market, developing and providing automatic squeezing solutions of higher quality, which adapt to the needs of the customers and facilitate the operation and usability.
  • To give the best possible product and service to all customers: distributors, establishments and consumers. So that Zummo stands out for its personal and humane treatment.

Without forgetting that all these improvements and the desire to differentiate oneself through personal treatment are also the pillars of Zummo’s facilities, thus creating a motivating and inspiring work environment where everyone who is part of the company can grow personally and professionally.

“Only teamwork makes big companies grow.”