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Radiates health with healthy skin

We receive the summer with more joy than ever and the good weather invites us to make more plans outdoors, spend weekends in the sun and take a good bath to celebrate. It is the time of year when we expose our skin to the sun the most, we get a tan; and that is […]

Include lemon juice in your diet

The good weather arrives and, little by little, the return to the new normality that we have been waiting for so long. We go for a walk again, spend time with people we don’t live with and start going over that list of pending plans we have thought about in the previous months. In addition, […]

Ideas for taking care of a company’s staff

Encouraging healthy habits at work is not just a way of taking care of workers, but a very simple way of adapting to the new needs of society and the way they consume healthy and natural food. Fortunately, technology and innovation make it possible for companies of all sizes or coworking spaces to have different […]

Drink Vitamin C and take care of yourself

The benefits of natural orange juice make it one of the must-have foods in our daily routine to boost our immune system and make us feel energetic. In times like these we must be even more aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and a diet that helps us boost our defenses and […]

Natural orange juice every day

The autumn comes full of new purposes. For many people, the year starts now, after the end of vacation and when school begins. A summer period of enjoyment, hangouts with friends is almost over, now it’s time to organize and plan our new course. The return to routine implies returning to good habits: going to […]

Natural ice creams based on fruit juice, your healthy allied to withstand the heat

Natural ice creams based on fruit juice, your healthy allied to withstand the heat Summer is the season of the year when we become addicted to cool foods to resist high temperatures. It’s the time when more ice cream is eaten, but we should do it in a healthy way, and the best way is […]

Healthy Vending: Good for All

Healthy Vending: Good for All That there is a trend towards health that is becoming more and more widespread, is a fact. We all have in mind that a correct diet brings many benefits to our organism, as well as the practice of sports or stopping unhealthy habits such as the consumption of alcohol or […]

We care about details. Nature Jug.


By launching the new Nature range, the aesthetic of Zummo squeezers has been adapted to the last trends on the market. As a result, now, we have a more elegant, robust and timeless juicer than ever and inspired by nature. Therefore, the new Nature Jug keeps the same premise. It is about a Zummo exclusive […]

How to prepare pomegranate juice with an orange squeezer

Consumers, increasingly prefer to drink something healthy, light and refreshing when they go to the restaurant. Offering orange juice in cafes and restaurants is a very good option, but if you want to innovate, the squeezer Z06 allows you to offer a wide range of flavours, as it can make pomegranate juice too. Pomegranate is […]