Record sales in the citrus sector in 2020

sector citricos 2020 ventas

The arrival of the COVID-19 has increased the demand and consumption of citrus fruits all over the world.

The citrus sector, supported by the popular knowledge that Vitamin C helps the immune system in strengthening defences and preventing infections, is experiencing a substantial improvement.

Oranges and tangerines from the southern hemisphere are becoming scarce and the increase in prices is a sign of this.

South Africa and Brazil, the world’s leading producer of oranges and tangerines, have broken sales records in this 2020 and the big buyers are looking to Spain to satisfy the public.

Citrus fruit: Vitamin C as a consumer appeal

COVID-19 has shown the population the benefits of having a strong immune system.

For this reason, the population has increased its interest in healthy habits that help it to be better prepared for coronavirus disease.

An example of this is the increased interest of Spanish Internet users in searches for the term “Vitamin C”.

vitamina c googleGráfico 1 | Búsquedas diarias término Vitamina C en España (Fuente: Google Trends)

In view of this situation, businesses such as food shops, hotels and restaurants, as well as more local businesses such as bakeries, fruit shops, bars… are updating their offer to the needs and habits of the consumer through the installation of citrus juicers in their establishments.

This is a way of updating ourselves in a new normality that, among other things, is marked by a greater awareness of our diet in favour of the aforementioned improvement of our defences.

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